Clean money

Times are going to start getting tough in the world of mone

Whither the rmb

The big issue of the week is the RMB, which is under huge p

The Times are A'Changing

You have probably noticed this, too, dear readers, but the

The wait begins...

So Buddha either did not take note of our incensed plea, de

What's that glow?

What a wonderful word is "reciprocity." It seems to spring

Core issues

Well, that took a while, but finally, dear readers, the CCP

Seaside stories

Interesting developments, dear readers, around what is know

Mulling Trump

The Trump train wreck dominated the week, dear readers, rat

Property again

The most extraordinary China article of the past week, dear

Debt Frisson

The big question China so-called experts are all mulling th

Fresh air

G20 is over, dear readers, and the factories are back to pu

G20 Blues

This has been the final week in the preparations for the G2

A Good Friday

It is not, dear readers, quite the situation it was with th

The heat is nearly off

This is a strange time for China's economy with mixed signa

Dreams in the sun

The dog days of summer, dear readers.


It's an unusual week, dear readers, when taxis dominate the

One right, Two to go

In last week's Friday missive, dear readers, we predicted t

Creeping weirdness

It has been a week, dear readers, increasingly visibly domi

Cash, Congress and Cleveland

Another week, another

Not the end of the world... yet.

A week is a long time in politics, a wise man once said, an