The spirit of giving

A wave of generosity sweeps over China

A China Carol

Four spirits scare the Dickens out of us

We're getting too old for this

A week of heart-stopping happenings leaves us exhausted

Everyone's a critic

You've got to accentuate the positive

Green acres

Heading down to the countryside

On the sunny side

Keeping one's chin up during a downturn

Handshakes & half-measures

Exhuming the ghosts of an APEC passed

APEC Blue(s)

We pick a peck of APEC pieces

Promises, promises

Do our eyes deceive us?

Under pressure

All we can stand

Hedging our bets

Only fools rush in

Great rejuvenations

A week of new beginnings

Big words

Talking the talk

Managing expectations

Doing what we can to cope

Eyes on the skies

Observing a week of high-altitude phenomena

China gets creative

This week's developments should banish all doubt whether China can innovate

Can we just stop with the probes?

This atmosphere of suspicion is driving everyone mad

Of course foreigners are welcome!

Chinese society is just like the Benetton Family

The President adopts a cuddly persona

Being disliked is a catalyst for diplomatic change