Customers at IKEA must register passport numbers to buy kitchen knives

To prevent terrorism during the Expo, Shanghai authorities are requiring customers purchasing kitchen knives to register their identification. Other product lines should be included.

China's steel mills dodge another bullet

Every time the Chinese government tries to clamp down on the steel sector, the mills manage to wriggle out

Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund set to buy Parkway

Singaporean health care company Parkway is about to be sold, but is its business model a winner?

Where are they going to put all these cars?

Look forward to total gridlock on China's east coast

The BYD bubble finally pops

The hype over BYD has been relentless, but finally the market has woken up to the fact that its electric cars are not selling

Trouble in commercial paradise

Even the most eligible Western suitors are asking if they have been led astray

Bolton predicts Shanghai market could turnaround later this year

The UK's star stock-picker is bullish on the Shanghai exchange

Capitalist Roader and Red Dragon funds: Staying the course

News of slowing economic growth didn't help our funds, but they're sitting both tight for now

Mobile advertising disappointing in China

Sir Martin Sorrell says mobile advertising market still in its infancy

M&S on the march in China

Can Marks & Spencer turn it around in Shanghai?

More bad news about 3G in China

3G is not proving to be a success for the three Chinese operators

Schroedinger's copyright

Negotiating with Chinese about IP and brands requires quantum thinking

Vuvuzelas are bad business

Chinese manufacturers are complaining they are not making enough cash out of the World Cup toy

Will air freight change Chinese factories?

Chinese factories are increasingly flying their products around by air, leaving less need for access to ports

Minimum wages hiked

China is raising its minimum wage, but will it have a widespread effect?

Corruption? What corruption?

Why are Chinese companies suddenly insisting the country is squeaky clean?

Foxconn moves inland

To cheer up its migrant workers from Henan, Foxconn moves into the inland province

Wei? Wei? I'm on board a plane!

Could China be the first country to allow mobile phones to be used on flights?

Capitalist Roader and Red Dragon funds: Status quo

The market is relatively unmoved by the 'enhancing' of the flexibility of the renminbi's exchange rate