The heat is nearly off

This is a strange time for China's economy with mixed signa

Dreams in the sun

The dog days of summer, dear readers.


It's an unusual week, dear readers, when taxis dominate the

One right, Two to go

In last week's Friday missive, dear readers, we predicted t

Creeping weirdness

It has been a week, dear readers, increasingly visibly domi

Cash, Congress and Cleveland

Another week, another

Not the end of the world... yet.

A week is a long time in politics, a wise man once said, an

The worst of weeks ... until the next one

Dear readers, there are times when one despairs and humor w

Taking stocks

There are those who say our focus on the Shanghai stock mar

Jockeys and Cushions

We have a couple of big dates coming up, dear readers, so m

Bubbly Waves

Puzzling times in the new New China, dear readers.

Chocolate Freddys

Good grief, China is interesting.

Pictures in the Gloom

We have spent much of the week mulling the Middle-Class as

The Battle for 3,000

We know, dear readers, we know how silly it is to place too

Plato's Data

Spring is here, dear readers, tra-la, tra-la.

Up and down... and out?

It's been a long time since there was an uptick in terms of

And the soap opera continues...

Every week, dear readers, there seems to be someone we need

Comings and goings

Current events keep catching us off-guard

Promises, promises

Pledges to grow China's economy are getting more impressive

Steel yourselves

It takes an iron will to make it in China's metals market