Corruption data update


Nothing drives page views quite like the words "database update," right?

Loyal readers will recall that in December, CER published an in-depth look at trends in the Xi Jinping administration's anti-corruption campaign, based in large part on a unique database compiled from monthly spreadsheet images released by the party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection since late 2013. We also made the data we'd collated for the story - including statistics from other CCDI reports and the Supreme People's Procuratorate - available to the public via Google Sheets.

Today we've updated that database to include figures from the commission's December report on party inspections and discipline broken down by both cadre rank and violation category:

[Click to access the Google Sheets file.]

[Surprise bonus update (Jan. 26, 2016): The CCDI has released its annual anti-corruption work report early this year, so I've added the headline figures for all the major statistics from 2015 to the database, including: Petitions accepted, cases opened, cases closed, number of cadres disciplined and total cadres expelled from the party and transferred to the courts.]

But I'd be remiss not to mention the excellent new corruption database by the folks over at ChinaFile. The database is a bit more limited in scope than the one produced by CER, but far more thorough: It breaks down 1,462 anti-corruption targets whose cases have been publicly announced by the CCDI and other official sources in the party-state. Plus it's slick as heck:

So go check it out! And, of course, read our own deep dive on the anti-corruption campaign, if you haven't already. 

Author: Hudson Lockett (@KangHexin)