CER Cover story

How marketing and market forces created a China boom for formula and disposable diapers

Troubled deliveries

Hukou reform: Beijing abolishes "agricultural" residence class, but rural-urban split remains

Long way from home

Shoppers to the rescue

The spirit of consumerism was alive and well this Chinese New Year – despite reports to the contrary

The next 6 billion square meters

When will housing become a middle-class good in China? 

Last man standing

Amid China’s fallen electronics retailers, Suning Appliances’ expansion into other products keeps it afloat

World wary

While Chinese remain more optimistic than most people around the world, opinions have soured toward other countries, says Bruce Stokes of Pew

Weak signal

China Mobile's 4G network could drive market growth this year - but only if the government gives it the go-ahead

Keeping cool

Sina cedes ground in China’s social media market to Tencent

Help not wanted at Foxconn

February 22: China market roundup

Caught in the hack

How will the US respond to Chinese cyberattacks?

Waiting in vain

China’s stoppage of IPOs is a quick fix that overlooks more pressing issues

The next China?

Myanmar is hesitant to take on China’s money and development model – with good reason

The luxury of convenience

Will Chinese consumers trade luxury store pampering for the convenience of buying online?

Friends in need

Despite rising political tensions, the Sino-US economic relationship remains surprisingly stable

Rude awakening

Economist Gerard Lemos gives readers a glimpse of ordinary Chinese lives that are anything but ideal

Change while you’re ahead

Chinese companies have much to learn from successful UK businesses about strategic transformation, writes professor George Yip

Keeping up with the Zhangs

Can China turn its middle into a “middle-class”?

Pirates of the Middle Kingdom

Chinese law provides intellectual property owners with comprehensive rights. So why is piracy still rampant?

Not on my roost

Chinese officials dig in their heels on expanding the property tax

Venturing capital

Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley discusses leading a delegation to lure Chinese investment to Chicago

Fit to print?

Amid growing competition from the internet, China’s tightly controlled media fights to retain its relevance and profits


Directly electing union representatives at Foxconn won’t change much

Running on empty

IMF economist Papa N’Diaye discusses the massive demographic shift to come in China

A kink in the spring

Investors should ignore data distorted by China’s Spring Festival

Cashing out on Macau and metals

February 1: China market roundup

Return of the yellow cow

Scalpers circumvent new controls on rail tickets just in time for Chinese New Year

A tale of two companies

Troubles at Yum and Media Markt may hold the secret to a foreign success or failure in China

Innovation now

Chinese companies are starting to crack the innovation code, write Huw Andrews and Stephen Kemper of PwC

Let them choose

As the one-child policy continues, Chinese worry that “sibling” will become a word that means nothing

Mixed signals

ZTE’s switch from telecom network construction to the notoriously competitive handset market is unlikely to resuscitate its flagging profits


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