Farmers expected to be allowed to trade land titles

Plans to allow farmers to trade their land titles will come under discussion at a meeting of China's C

Of pigs and cows

Of pigs and cows

China's agriculture ministry expects record grain output

China may bring in a record grain harvest this year following an increase in the planting area,

Beijing: Developed farmland must be replaced

Beijing has directed local governments to replace farmland designated for development with equal-sized

Bean counting

China's attempts to reduce foreign soybean influence are economically misguided

China becomes net food importer in first half

China became a net food importer in cash terms in the first half of this year as a result of rising fo

COFCO, Itochu to combat food price rises

COFCO will join with Japanese trading firm Itochu to buy grain and other agricultural commodities in g

State Council wants to fast track GM crops

China's State Council said genetically modified (GM) crops must be developed more quickly in order to

China eyes farmland investments abroad

A proposal by China's Ministry of Agriculture will encourage Chinese companies to buy farmland abroad,

Huge hike in fertilizer export taxes

Export taxes on fertilizer and some related raw materials export taxes will be raised by up to 100 per

China to pay farmers more for rice, wheat

China said it would increase payments to farmers for rice and wheat in order to boost supply and lower

Beijing to educate farmers on land rights

Beijing will increase efforts to educate farmers on property rights and encourage them to resolve land

Industry standards created for live pig futures

A government panel passed China's first standards for a futures market for live pigs on Monday,

Grain export taxes introduced

Grain exports are now subject to a temporary export tax which will last until the end of the year, the

Apple crop to fall short of juice demand

China, is facing apple shortages this year due to further rises in demand for apple juice and poor wea

Blue-ear disease declining

Blue-ear disease is under control, according to a top government official,

Fruit registration rule introduced

An official from the China's quality-control watchdog said fruit from unregistered orchards or packagi

Controls tightened for industrial use of corn

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is tightening controls on the use of corn for in

Beijing allocates $200m to boost pork production

The Chinese government has set aside US$199.5 million for major pork suppliers across 253 counties, th

Corn exports to be cut due to drought

China's largest grain trader said grain exports may be cut by as much as 80% from 5 million metric ton

Where's the beef?

China doesn’t have enough cattle to meet beef demands. Foreign exporters smell an opportunity

Global warming could strain food supplies in 2030

According to an Aug 22 report by the State Meteorological Administration, global warming could cut Chi

Ministry: Blue-ear pig disease infections halved

The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the number of pigs infected with blue-ear disease dropped 51

That mysterious inflationary blue-ear pig disease

The central bank raised

That mysterious inflationary blue-ear pig disease

The central bank raised

Blue-ear pig disease under control: official

A disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of pigs in China is now under control, according to Ji

China advocates strong price controls for pork

China issued an urgent warning of stronger controls for unprincipled pork-selling practices amid soari

Mainland cattle imports suspended in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's cattle supplies have been suspended because of a disagreement between the region's meat de

US$925m in rural subsidies announced

The government will expand the size of its rural subsistence allowance program,


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