China to introduce more rules on food safety amid health scares

China will implement tighter controls on animal feed to secure animal health and "restore public confi

Waste not, want not

China's farmers switch to industrial wastewater for irrigation

China launches melamine checks

China announced Tuesday that it has instituted a nationwide program of safety checks for melamine-tain

Peddling procreation

China's demand for beef and milk has been a boon for foreign breeders

Securing green sources

A Singapore company, Hu Lee Impex, has for 10 years been farming in China.

Tainted milk leads to Shanghai dairy shutdown

A Shanghai dairy producer was shut down by local authorities last week when its milk powder was found

DDGS to China

DDGS in North America comes mainly from plants that produce ethanol for oxygenated fuels. The remaining 1 to 2% of DDGS is produced by the alcohol beverage industry.The United States is very keen on selling DDGS to China although no one is quite, quite certain that there could be no adverse affects.

Price cut puts Sinochem's Nufarm bid on shaky ground

Sinochem cut its takeover price for Australian agricultural chemical group Nufarm by 8% to US$2.3 bill

Ministry of Agriculture approves modified rice strains

The Ministry of Agriculture has issued health certificates for two strains of domestically developed g

Speculators make garlic bubble

There is now a commodity bubble in garlic as speculators force the price up 15 fold by storing and speculating in the somewhat noxious plant. There is a belief garlic can keep away swine flu.

Greenpeace on 'GE rice'

Lorena Luo, Greenpeace's food and agriculture campaigner in China, on the government’s recent

Origin Agritech cleared to sell GM corn seed in China

Origin Agritech, China's third-largest seed producer, won approval from China's Ministry of Agricultur

Guangdong badly struck by drought

Sinochem eyes Australia's Nufarm

Chinese farmers' net income increases

Parched, but still breathing

Despite prophecies that China will run dry, the water supply situation has yet to reach crisis point

China to avoid investing in overseas farm land

A senior government official has said that China will avoid investing in overseas farmland, particular

China may widen controls on foreign agriculture investment

China may broaden restrictions on foreign investment in the oilseed processing sector to other crops,

Suppress incomes, suppress consumption

Huang Yasheng, professor of political economy and international management at MIT’s Sloan School of

Suppress incomes, suppress consumption

Huang Yasheng, professor of political economy and international management at MIT’s Sloan School of

The rules: Protecting farmers' land-use rights

Rural land tenure in China operates on a contract basis, with each contract lasting 30 years.

Green plays: The agri-businesses

Chaoda Modern Agriculture (682.HK)

Date founded: 1994

Farmer Wang's view: Subsidy schemes, migrant workers and the quality of life

When CHINA ECONOMIC REVIEW encountered Wang Gongnian, it was on the edge of a dirt road near his ho

The subsidy program: Buyers and sellers

Offering 13% subsidies to rural residents on purchases of home appliances is seen by Beijing as a m

Spending is patriotic

Beijing wants farmers to consume more. Land reform, not subsidies, is the best way to make them do it

Official: Rural incomes face pressures in 2009

A senior agricultural official said that job losses and a decline in farm product prices will make it

Wheat crop at risk

A senior official overseeing drought relief efforts said China's wheat crop could suffer significant d

North China on drought alert

China's northern provinces are facing the worst drought since 1951,

Brazil wants Chinese investment in supply chains

Brazil is seeking investment from China in its ports and roads as part of efforts to improve the suppl

Government to overhaul dairy industry

China has announced a plan to overhaul its scandal-plagued dairy industry,


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