China advocates strong price controls for pork

China issued an urgent warning of stronger controls for unprincipled pork-selling practices amid soari

Mainland cattle imports suspended in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's cattle supplies have been suspended because of a disagreement between the region's meat de

US$925m in rural subsidies announced

The government will expand the size of its rural subsistence allowance program,

Agriculture ministry warns of grain supply disruption

The Ministry of Agriculture issued an emergency notice directing local governments to keep up grain pr

The little piggies strike back

Pork has been in the news this week, contributing as it has to rising headline inflation here.

The little piggies strike back

Pork has been in the news this week, contributing as it has to rising headline inflation here.

China dismisses rumor of SARS virus in Hainan bananas

The Ministry of Agriculture dismissed

Mystery Guangzhou pig virus identified

A virus that has killed hundreds of pigs in south China has been identified, China's agriculture minis

Organic process

Supply of organic produce is far ahead of demand

Farmers see higher incomes

Incomes for farmers grew 12.1% in the first quarter of the year but the good news was counterbalanced

No tears: Onion economics

India's version of the Big Mac index

Food fears: Asia's rice dilemma

A fall in rice yields has left China more reliant on imports

Strength in numbers: farmer associations

Cooperation between farmers is mutually beneficial

Big tech, small packages

Foreign agri-tech firms need to aim small and be patient if they are to win over China’s farmers

Seeds of hope

Improving the lives of China’s farmers is a government priority, but breathing life into a creaking agricultural sector is not easy

China to invest in agri-biotech

Beijing may quadruple spending in biotechnology by 2010 to improve food security, according to Jikun H

One million face water shortage

A drought in southwestern China is threatening the water supplies of one million people along the Yang

Sniff test

Cautious opportunity for foreign fertilizer

Pushing for change

Developing ambitious reform programs is easy. The challenge is paying for them

A drip for all seasons

It was the end of the harvest season in Hubei province, and not a very good harvest at that, due to the dry weather. There were tinges of brown visible in the fields already, the ponds and streams were low to disappearing to gone, although I wondered if it is overuse of water upstream that is also a part of the problem.

Foot-and-mouth outbreaks reported

China confirmed Monday the outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in northwest China's Ningxia region and

Cotton farmers under threat

Cheap US cotton, subsidized to the tune of US$3 billion a year, will cost China US$208 million in inco

GM rice illegally sold

The illegal sale of genetically modified rice seed has spread from Hubei Province to Guandong Province

Foot and mouth disease resurfaces: report

Chinese authorities are reported to have slaughtered at least 2,000 cows at dairy farms in Yanqing dis

China to investigate Greenpeace claims

As Greenpeace called a global recall of genetically modified rice, the ministry of agriculture said it

Farmer income growth to slow

Despite China's increasing grain output, income growth among mainland farmers will slow to 5% this yea

China growing GE rice illegally: Greenpeace

Greenpeace says "rogue" scientists in the Hubei province are illegally growing genetically engineered

Water project to displace 400,000

Citing Project Director Zhang Jiyao, state media said a long debated Yangtze River water diversion sch

Drought puts crops under threat

Citing a report from the State Flood-Control and Drought Relief Headquarters in Beijing, state media s

China faces sugar shortage

As China's sugar demand is expected to exceed supply by 1m tons due to production shortfalls blamed on


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