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Quick Take: China promises to give up its debt addiction...again


Quick take: China banks play 'pass the parcel'

wealth trap

Air controllers jam up China’s skies

Market roundup: July 25

Sharing a multibillion dollar headache isn't easy

Market roundup: July 18

Some things online are too good to be true

Market roundup: June 27

Money is all True Corp is going to get

Market roundup: June 13

How can China sell off its government-owned companies?

SOE reform

Charting the next step in PBOC’s rapid reforms

Financial reform

New Shanghai FTZ rules not exactly what you were waiting for

Free trade zone

How WH Group made a pig’s breakfast of its IPO

Chinese listings

PBOC must continue to push credit to farmers

Rural finance

China takes a shortcut onto the global financial market

Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect

Are Chinese companies sitting on the next debt crisis?

Corporate leveraging

China's birth rate is falling despite end of one-child policy

The total annual number of births in China fell in 2017, a sign that the government's relaxation of

China's use of credit is becoming more efficient

China succeeded in raising the amount of economic growth it was able to generate through injecting

China's economic growth accelerates for first time since 2010

China's annual economic growth sped up in 2017, the first time it has done in seven years.

Wanda sells off overseas assets amid cash crunch fears

Chinese property giant Dalian Wanda is selling off the majority of its overseas hotel and developme

Chinese city funds government projects by borrowing from its own civil servants

The northern Chinese city of Baotou has raised more than RMB 1.2 billion ($187 million) from its ow

China's household debt levels are troubling, says banking regulator

China's banking regulator has admitted publicly that levels of household debt are becoming a cause

Chinese investors consider splashing $4 billion for J&J diabetes business

Several Chinese bidders are sizing up bids worth a potential $4 billion for the diabetes care busin

China FDI rose slightly in 2017

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into China rose 7.9% to reach $135 billion in 2017, while China's o

Property rental startup Ziroom receives over $600m in funding

Chinese rental services company Ziroom has raised more than RMB 4 billion ($621 million) in its lat

Chinese agency downgrades US sovereign ratings to BBB+

One of China's leading ratings firms, Dagong Global Credit Rating Co, has cut the local and foreign

Inland provinces feel the squeeze as China's debt crackdown bites

Major investment projects are being mothballed all over China as the government attempts to rein in

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to expand beyond China's backyard

The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank plans to begin financing development projects in

Tianjin economic zone revises GDP figures down by 33.4%

Binhai New Area, a special economic zone in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, has become the la

Blockchain is the magic word for Chinese investors in 2018

Chinese regulators are stepping up scrutiny of listed companies' plans for new blockchain-related p

The US connection

A lot of the key news for the week related to the US in various strange

Chinese premier says GDP grew 6.9% in 2017

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the country's economy performed better than expected in 2017 and it

China may run a trade deficit by 2023, top economist suggests

China may face a trade deficit within the next five to 10 years as the next phase of the economy's


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