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Infographic series: China's underappreciated indicators

China by the numbers

Concerns that China's slowdown will hurt the global economy are unfounded

Q&A: China and global growth

China’s economy still facing a downward path

Number crunching

How can China sell off its government-owned companies?

SOE reform

New Shanghai FTZ rules not exactly what you were waiting for

Free trade zone

How WH Group made a pig’s breakfast of its IPO

Chinese listings

PBOC must continue to push credit to farmers

Rural finance

Drama or soap opera?

Another week of more interesting developments externally than internally.

South Korean president calls for reset in relations with China

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in has called for a "new era" in relations with its giant neighbor

Former White House adviser predicts further China-US trade tensions

China can expect more unilateral trade action from the administration of US President Donald Trump

China discusses Arctic telecom link with Finland

China has entered talks with Finland about building a 10,500-kilometer telecommunications cab

Analysts predict flood of foreign capital into Chinese bond market

Foreign holdings of Chinese bonds have jumped 50% in the past two years as

US reports 7 Chinese companies to WTO

The United States has notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

US, EU and Japan team up to pressure China on trade

The EU, Japan and the US are set to announce a new alliance to take on Chin

China set to release list of areas off-limits to investors

China is expected to roll out an overarching list next year outlining which areas are off-lim

Chinese investments in US being delayed over trade tensions

A growing number of Chinese investments targeting US companies are stalling because of a slowdown i

Australia will 'stand up' to China, declares Australian PM

The Australian prime minister has hit back at 

World's biggest automated container terminal opens in Shanghai

Phase IV of Shanghai Yangshan Deep Water Port, the world's biggest automate

Crisis cocktails

The world is getting slightly unhinged, and reading the news is more un

China cries fake news over cancelled Pakistan infrastructure deal

An official with China's top planning agency said it does not acce

Report: China needs to strike delicate balance to deflate property bubble

The two major risks facing China's real estate market are that the bubble could continue to inflate

Sinopec sues Venezuelan partner over unpaid debts

One of China's biggest state-owned oil companies is suing its Venezuelan counterpart in a US court,

Chinese vice premier promises further opening to foreign investors

China will "significantly" widen market access for foreign investors, state radio on Wednesda

US tax cuts could create big problems for China

According to

China issues angry response to Australian political influence accusations

The Australian media has "repeatedly fabricated" stories about Chinese influence and infiltra

China and Canada abandon launch of trade agreement talks

A push to launch free trade negotiations between China and Canada fell flat Monday, with the nation

IMF: China's "zombie" debt smaller than feared

Lossmaking "zombie" companies comprise a smaller share of China's overall corporate debt than widel

Mortgage fraud is rife in China's property market

When Zhu Chenxia bought a flat last year in Shenzhen from Lei Yarong, the two women drew up t

China set to curb infrastructure binge in 2018

China's frenzied construction of roads, bridges and subways is set for a major slowdown, addi

China strives to take the lead on 5G

Chinese companies are scrambling to gain a lead in the race to commercializ


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