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Restrictec access

How can a foreign investor participate in China's internet business under the current incomplete regulatory environment?

The food chain

The reform of food distribution in China is proving to be a slow process but accession to the WTO should lead to a relaxation in regulations.

Nanjing reaches out

The capital of Jiangsu province is beginning to exploit its great location, although government officials could still do more to make life easier for foreign investors.

Strategic planning

With few hurdles left to clear before China enters the WTO, policymakers and corporate chiefs are focusing on adapting to the new market order.

The water carriers

The shortage of water in northern China has become more acute in recent years but internal arguments are delaying the constructing of a pipeline from the south that was initially conceived back in the 1950s.

Navigational choice

China is considering whether to become a partner in using Russia's satellite navigation system or to persist with developing its own system.

Hidden costs

Foreign investors should consider the full cost implications before deciding to merge or acquire a Chinese company, writes PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Private power plays

Foreign involvement in China's private power sector has seldom been easy and progress will continue to be laboured until ways are found to resolve key problems, such as the government's insistence that they should use local equipment.


Leading airlines

No turning back

Will new opportunities in direct trade resulting from China's desire to join the WTO challenge traditional inward investment strategies?

Lost momentum

Maintaining the business momentum initiated by last year's horticultural show is one of the biggest challenges facing the Kunming government.

New horizons

Mainland companies are turning their attention to shifting more production overseas as they strive to position themselves as manufacturers of tomorrow's global brands.

Big leaue hopes

Aggressive expansion into the world's long-haul market should propel China Shipping Group into the international top container carrier league, but its rapid emergence is causing concern in the shipping industry.

Boost for mergers

China's merger regulations issued in September will give foreign investors more scope for their M&A activity, writes Susan Finder of Freshfields.

Foreign switch

Chinese manufacturers of telecoms equipment are winning back domestic market share from foreign suppliers and signing lucrative deals abroad.

China's Gold Rush

An increasingly affluent China represents a potentially vast market for gold products and the sector is starting to open up to foreign investors.

Export-led growth

Faced with a stagnant home market, Qingdao's leading manufacturers have maintained growth levels by concentrating on the export market.

Playing by the rules

The Chinese government's insistence that all market research projects be approved by the State Statistical Bureau adds to the catalogue of obstacles that continue to face foreign businesses operating in China.

Landmark trade deal

Following agreement with the US, China looks set to join the troubled WTO some time in 2000 and it appears intent on becoming a champion for developing nations.

Business neglect

Private businesses are prospering in Guangzhou, but entrepreneurs still complain they get little financial support from the municipal government.

Pulling the plug

New legislation aims to prevent further investment in sectors considered redundant, from the petrochemicals sector to the power industry.

The spirit of Mao

Private enterprises are starting to flourish in China, including property firm Tongchan and computer network developer C.Net. Tongchan's founder partly attributes his company's success to the spiritual guidance of Mao Zedong.

Developing status

Famous as a penal centre, Qinghai is hoping for a more prosperous future based on the exploitation of its rich oil and mineral reserves.

The common good

American insurers in the Mainland have joined forces in an attempt to persuade the authorities to open up the market and improve access.

Reforms gain pace

Measures to shake up the commercial banking sector are accelerating but they have so far failed to tackle a complacent lending culture.

Spending its way out of difficulty

Guangzhou is embarking on a building bonanza designed to invigorate a faltering economy, improve transport facilities and promote cultural life.

Counting the day

Despite continuing problems facing the Chinese economy, a recent report shows that companies are now paying their debts quicker than before.

Enhanced powers

Foreign taxpayers should be aware that the Chinese tax authorities are starting to put more resources into tax administration and collection.

Fighting the forgers

Procter & Gamble is one of the most successful consumer products multinationals operating in China, yet it still faces problems with distribution and counterfeiting.

Clearing the air

Capital Iron & Steel has been rocked by scandal and poor performance, yet it remains at the forefront of China's enterprise reform programme.


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