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Power to the people

Viewed from a marketing perspective, the rise of China?s middle class presents a business puzzle to be figured out and acted on.

Picking up signals

Humankind has many imperfections, among them a chronic inability to act on signals until the last minute.

Breathless China

China for dummies, it may be. But that's better than nothing.

Real estate still cruises along nicely

China's property market changed in 15 years from non-existent to booming.

The giant & the darling

In May, Microsoft Corp and Google Inc made further inroads into China's Internet market, the biggest after the US.

Do it fast and do it well

Beijing's highest ranks injected a sense of urgency into China's banking reform lately.

Upbeat in a down cycle

With leggy women, stilt walkers and musicians as much on show as car models, the circus atmosphere at Shanghai's biannual auto show in April belied the pressure automakers face in China.

Bloodshed once more

China's stock market, already hemorrhaging from weak investor sentiment, got another unwelcome jolt in May after Beijing announced in late April plans to sell off non-tradable US$264bn state-owned shares that have weighed on the development of China's capital markets.

A time of its choosing

After billions of speculative dollars flooded forex markets worldwide following a Chinese state media report that China would revalue the yuan on May 18, when trading was to begin for eight new foreign-currency pairs in Shanghai, the vice governor of China's central bank used the occasion to let the world know that China was no pushover and implied the US was ruining the opportunity for faster currency reform.

Getting serious

The textile trade war continued as the US in mid-May reimposed quotas on three types of Chinese apparel imports after Commerce Department data showed surging shipments since the global textile quota was lifted in January this year.

Better days ahead

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) recently announced an initiative to counter rising fuel prices by promoting savings in other operational areas, one being electronic ticketing.

MACAU - The house wins

Revenue at one-year-old Macau Sands casino is already three times what its sister casino in Las Vegas pulls in. It's another China story.

Shanghai megalopolis

Even bigger things are in Shanghai's future, much bigger.

Kind of affordable

Hong Kong property buyers are exercising options they no longer have at home.

A lot to lose

China and Japan have good economic reasons for being friends.

First things first

Sort out cross-strait economic integration and the rest will follow. Well, that's how some see it.

Setting standards

Tired of marching to outside drummers, China wants to write specs and standards others will have to follow.

Chinese values

So what is the yuan really and truly worth?

On the ground again

Divining the future from China's skyline isn't easy.

Selective bullishness

Producer and consumer goods are the bright spots

Raymond Yang - Linktone unbowed

For portal master Raymond Yang, China's regulatory gyrations are but a speed bump.

Knocking the IMF is fine, but...

The case for putting more effort into regional cooperation

More than textiles

Exports are surging in many areas. Imports are another story.

Fear of frying

Letting go is hard to do; death of a gang member

Gold when all else fails

Re China's Pension Crisis ["Old and broke," March], I was stunned at the similarity of the debate going on worldwide and how the experts always seem to miss a key point, namely that demographics move the asset markets [and] obviously not in a favorable way.

China and the world

Former President Bill Clinton, speaking before a meeting of the American Jewish Committee in Washington in early May, observed that President Bush had given him four tax cuts since taking office - and the US had to borrow money from China to pay for each one.

Class act or is it for real?

The real size of China's middle class may disappoint investors who believed the bigger projections. Then there are the political unknowns.

China GDP growth seen slowing

Declining investment and industrial output will slow China's second quarter year-on-year economic grow

China to lift export tariffs on 81 textile categories

China said on Monday it would end export tariffs on 81 categories of garments and textiles, making goo

Codelco, China Minmetals sign deal

Chile's state-owned Codelco, the biggest copper miner in the world, said it had reached a US$2bn deal


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