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Chinese idols flood Indian markets

Statues of the Hindu elephant god Lord Ganesha are the latest Chinese-made import to score a hit in In

China eyes Africa trade boost

China is eager to boost trading ties with African nations as a source of energy and raw materials and

Government plans '05 spending cut

The Chinese government plans to cut its spending in 2005, a further measure aimed at slowing economic

JPMorgan says currency shift coming

JPMorgan said China's recent historic interest rate adjustment would prelude a series of increases ena

Netcom hints PCCW stake could be off

China Network Communications Group Corp hinted that talks over taking a major stake in Hong Kong fixed

China seen becoming No. 1 chipmaker

Marking 20 years on the mainland, Santa Clara-based Applied Materials, the world's largest semiconduct

Airbus plans China engineering center

Airbus intensified its bid to dominate China's aviation market, announcing plans to set up an engineer

China as big game country


Golden Week gold

China's "Golden Week" National Day holiday saw the expected millions hit the roads, railways and airports - with millions more hitting the shops and doing their bit to follow official calls to get out and spend.

Shipping investment heats up

Ports and fleet expansion move to the top of some agendas.

A bone for small investors

New rules aim to give minorities a say.

Better at half the price

Exchange chief argues Chinese companies listing in London would have access to more and better resources than in New York, with the euro zone thrown in.

Food industry buzz

Anyone who has ground his teeth on the imported golf balls that pass for strawberries in Hong Kong will be transported into a sensory delight munching on their Mainland cousins sold on the streets of Hangzhou or any other city near strawberry fields.

Death toll hits 150 in Henan ethnic disturbances

While state media remained under a blackout, foreign news reports spoke of 150 dying in ethnic clashes

China warns US over trousers quota

China urged the US not to impose limits on the import of Chinese-made cotton trousers, saying such mov

Australia looks to China FTA

Australia's trade minister predicted a successful outcome to free trade negotiations with China, sayin

Ban on scrap electronics imports

China is to ban the importation of a range of scrap electronics goods from November 1, state media rep

China hits back on sock quota

China warned that it would "retain the right to take further actions" within the World Trade Organizat

Mainland insurers make gains on Taiwan

Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council agreed in principle to allow mainland insurers to open offices on th

China, ASEAN to drop tariffs by 2010

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed to remove all tariffs on merchandi

China's trade to hit US$1.1 trillion for '04

China's total overseas trade is forecast to reach US$1.1 trillion in 2004, up by 30% on 2003, yielding

Inflation dips slightly for September

Inflation ebbed slightly in September, with China's year-on-year consumer price index for the month dr

US socks it to Chinese socks

The United States imposed restrictions on the importation of Chinese socks, citing "both disruption an

Cathay Pacific buys 9.9% of Air China

Cathay Pacific agreed to take a 9.9% stake in Air China, a move signaling closer cooperation in areas

Guangdong GDP growth nears 15%

While Beijing tries to keep economic growth below 10%, Guangdong province reported its GDP grew 14.8%

IMF says move now on peg

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said China should loosen its US dollar currency peg now while th

New generation weather satellite launched

China launched the first of a new generation of dedicated weather monitoring satellites.

Wool imports up as textile quota nears end

Australian wool exports to China increased 71% year-on-year in August, according to a report from the

Okay Airways set for take-off

Okay Airways is expected to become the first of a spate of private airlines to take to China's skies l

RR wins China Eastern engine deal

Rolls-Royce announced it had won a US$450 million contract to supply its Trent 700 aircraft engines to


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