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China likely to level more dumping charges

In the wake of a dumping ruling against US-based Corning and other optical fiber exporters, trade expe

Market economy 10 years away

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) published a report saying that China needs at least 10 years to creat

Shi Wen-long breaks links with Chi Mei

Taiwan tycoon Shi Wen-long, under attack for his pro independance stand, cut his ties with the Chi Mei

FDI growth slowing

The Ministry of Commerce reported China's direct foreign investment grew 11.3% in the first five month

Finished product prices rise in May

Mainland prices of finished industrial products leaving the factory rose 5.7% in May compared to the s

Fix asset investment growth slows

Fixed asset investment growth slowed in May, the National Bureau of Statistics reported.

Economist dismisses overheating talk

Columbia University Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Mundell told a conference co-sponsored by the

Producer prices rise

Producer prices in May were up 5.7% compared with May 2003, the National Bureau of Statistics reported

Wen says economic controls working

Premier Wen Jiabao praised China's recent macroeconomic control efforts as effective during a tour of

Mulling an interest rate hike

Sheng Songcheng, vice head of the Shanghai branch of the People's Bank of China, said that putting a c

Work accidents decrease

The latest State Administration of Work Safety statistics showed there were 41,393 deaths from work-re

EU China's top trade partner

Trade between the European Union and China totaled US$65.7 billion over the period of January through

Signs of a slight cooling

The National Bureau of Statistics reported that industrial output rose by 17.5% in May, compared to a

Foreign trade switches to surplus

China's foreign trade balance shifted to a surplus of US$2.1 billion in May from a deficit over the pr

AMD breaks Intel's hold on Lenovo

Advanced Micro Devices anounced that Lenovo Group will install its Athlon 64 and Athlon XP chips in a

Industrial production up 18%

Mainland industrial production in May was 18% higher than during the same period in 2003, according to

Q2 growth forecast at 11.4%

China's economy is likely to grow 11.4% in the second quarter according to a projection made by a top

Dragon turns bullish

Can a dragon be a bull in the present economic climate?


Probably the best overview of the China boom of the past quarter century is ironically provided by a book which sets out to prove that the boom itself is a chimera.

Hey, big spender

Fakes or no fakes, China's appetite for luxury brands is growing fast, Joe Havely reports.

The security gap

Recent high-profile kidnappings have increased interest in personal security. How safe is China these days?


Credit agency urges China to take a prudent approach to a possible rate hike and reining in runaway bank lending.

Trade tensions ease

China and the US agree to agree more on fractious trade issues.

Prepare the landing gear

China is overheating. Will Beijing be able to recreate 1993's 'soft landing' with the rest of the world along for the ride?

Chinese gravity

From one perspective, the last 18 months have been the most remarkable in the 25 years since China embarked upon its free market reforms.

Coke deal reached with EU

EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy announced that the EU and China reached an agreement in which China

Wen asks cadres to sacrifice

Premier Wen Jiabao called on cadres from China's booming Yangtze River Delta region to make sacrifices

China producer prices rise 5%

China's producer price inflation grew to 5% year on year in April, the National Bureau of Statistics r

Brazil backing China trade

Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva met with Chinese leaders in Beijing.

Deal nears on China-ASEAN FTA

China agreed to a basic consensus with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which inclu


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