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Foreign news briefs

Foreign news briefs

China's imports rose 40 per cent to US$41.7bn in September,

Market briefs

Market briefs
Three-quarters of US firms in China reported being profitable, with 10 per cent ‘very

Investment briefs

Investment briefs

Growth understated in post Sars surge

China's economy grew 9.1 per cent in the
third quarter of the year compared with a rise

investment briefs

Some 6.8m new urban jobs have been created so far this year out of a year-end target of


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US-China deficit surges again

The US trade gap with China widened to a record level in August.

Northeast Asian economies to deepen ties

China, Japan and South Korea pledged to increase mutual co-operation in security, technology and energ

Credit tightening risks currency pressures

Two key interest rates rose sharply in what was seen by some as a bid by the People's Bank of China to

Shanghai puts in strong performance

Shanghai's GDP grew at 11.8 per cent in the first nine months of this year on the back of increased ca

Official uneasy on industrial overheating

The State Development and Reform Commission has called for a cooling down of 'overheated' industrial s

Chinese shopping trip to US

China announced it would send a business

Money supply starts to

Thanks largely to a hike in required bank reserves, the central bank, the People

Central bank warns of

China's central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBOC), warned that large

US commerce

During a visit to China US Commerce Secretary Don Evans

Avon expanding


Beijing Sees Brisk

Beijing's fiscal revenue increased to RMB 43.73 billion over the first nine

FDI Drops For Fourth Consecutive

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China dropped for the fourth consecutive month

Nevada Delegation Eager To

A delegation from the US state Nevada is being hosted by the Chinese

New US Food Import

Chinese food exporters are being urged by the Chinese government to

Beijing's Growth Lagging

Beijing ranked 23rd out of 30 Chinese provinces and municipalities in terms of GDP growth so far this

Guangdong trade

Guangdong Province registered US$172.84 billion in foreign trade in the first eight

Shanghai's GDP Fastest Since

Shanghai's GDP grew at 11.8 percent in the first nine months of the

Chongqing Reports GDP

Chongqing Municipality reported nearly RMB 137.68 billion of

In brief

In brief

China's share of world exports will rise to about 7 per cent in 2007 from 4.4 per cent in

In brief

In brief

US giant Citibank has won approval to exchange yuan for foreign currency for Chinese

Market briefs

Market briefs

Investment briefs

Investment briefs

Top SOE jobs advertised abroad

Top SOE jobs advertised abroad

In brief

In brief

Zhou Zhengyi, Shanghai property tycoon and China's 11th richest man, has been arrested


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