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Global downturn fails to halt export growth

China's exports could grow by as much as 15 per cent this year, predicted the General Administration o

Access all areas

Despite government sensitivities relating to control of the media, some enterprising foreign investors have begun to exploit opportunities in the Mainland's television, book and magazine sectors.

Corporate splash

Although still hampered by various problems, Hainan is keen to develop its tourism industry, especially the lucrative business end of the market.

The twilight zone

Yangpu EDZ was intended to attract manufacturers to a remote corner of Hainan. A decade on, its early promise But the opportunities

Stepping on the gas

China is prioritising development in the gas sector, and international energy companies are keen to sniff out investment opportunities. Even so, market reform is needed if the industry is to become truly viable.

Generation gap

China's rival mobile operators are battling to grab market share in the mobile data market. So far, China Mobile has established an early lead.

Taxing transfers

Before buying into a domestic enterprise in mainland China, especially state-owned enterprises, foreign investors should be aware of the tax implications of any reorganisation in the target company.

Sales rise is below target

The volume of retail sales in August was 8.8 per cent higher than in the same month of last year, acco

Chinese firms win dumping case

Four Chinese windshield producers have won their appeal against anti-dumping tariffs imposed by Canada

Zinc firms to cut exports

China's four largest zinc producers have agreed to cut their exports by up to 15 per cent from last ye

Steel imports surge ahead of restrictions

China's steel imports in the first six months of 2002 rose by 37 per cent year-on-year to 11.7m tonnes

Exports to US race along

China's exports to the US in the first half of this year were US$29.87bn, 19.3 per cent more than in t

Electronics leads exports surge

China's exports rose by 28.1 per cent yearon- year in July to reach US$29.2bn, while imports reached U

Tax evasion found in Shenzhen

An audit by the Shenzhen taxation bureau of brokerages with operations in the city turned up serious t

BAT signs deal to build factory in Sichuan

British American Tobacco has signed an agreement with the provincial government of Sichuan to build a

GE Plastics to double sales in China

The plastics unit of US industrial giant General Electric announced that it would spend at least US$20

Choice morsels

Increased levels of cat and dog ownership in the mainland are starting to create potential niche oppor

Sharp increase in container traffic

China's major ports recorded a 32 per cent rise in container traffic in the first half of 2001, said a

Unemployed not finding work

More than 470,000 of the 4.64m workers laid off from state companies had found new jobs by the end of

Poverty found even in prosperous east

A study sponsored by the Asian Development Bank has found that pockets of poverty persist even in the

Taiwan allows direct investment

Taiwan has promulgated new rules that allow local enterprises to invest directly in mainland China, Re

Surge in foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment into China grew by 22 per cent year-on-year in the January to July period of

Urban incomes rise faster that GDP

The average monthly disposable income of urban residents rose in the first six months of 2002 by 17.5

Product prices fall but services rise

Factory output growth still strong

China's factory output grew by 12.8 per cent year-on-year in July, according to the National Bureau of

China leads world output for 100 product items

China produces 83 per cent of the world's tractors, 70 per cent of its silk and half of its television

New horizons

Away from the provincial capitals, the outlook for cities in western China has improved. These emerging markets are increasingly able to take advantage of new infrastructure and government-directed incentives.

Look before you leap

Foreign expertise is in demand for infrastructure projects such as those associated with the Beijing Olympics, but bidders should consider how to structure their projects before they decide to submit a proposal.

Plugging the skills gap

Technical occupations, particularly in the state-owned manufacturing sector, have a poor image and consequently are struggling to attract new recruits. In Shanghai, steps are being taken to address the problem.

Trouble in paradise

Officially renamed Shangri-La, Zhongdian is promoting itself hard as a tourist destination. However, there are concerns about the local management of the industry and its likely future impact on the environment.


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