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Taikang income quadruples

Taikang Life Insurance reported that its total premium income reached Yn6.5bn in 2002, four times the

Profits improve at Air China

China's flagship carrier Air China reported a pre-tax profit of Yn112m in 2002, nearly three times the

Cosco seeks to add to US service

China Ocean Shipping Co (Cosco) is seeking to launch a new China to US east coast all-water service vi

CSCL to set up Middle East hub port

China Shipping Container Lines is to set up a Middle East hub port at Khorfakkan in the United Arab Em

CSCL cuts trans-Pacific capacity

China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) is reducing the frequency of its recently introduced AAS2 servic

Foreign trade growth to slow

China's exports will continue to rise in 2003, but by less than the 22 per cent recorded last year, ac

SIA expands cargo services

Singapore Airlines' cargo subsidiary is to expand its services to China from April following the recen

Small rise in unemployment target

The government has set a target of restricting urban unemployment to 4.5 per cent this year, Beijing Y

China to review unemployment measure

Various Chinese departments are considering new ways to calculate the unemployment rate, reported Sout

Slower industrial growth forecast

The State Economic and Trade Commission has forecast that production in several heavy industry sectors

Growth rates discrepancy

Every provincial-level authority in China has reported economic growth rates for 2002 above the averag

Independent index for GDP growth

The US investment bank Goldman Sachs is to publish its own index of economic activity in China.

Savings jump by record amount

Savings in Chinese banks rose by 17.8 per cent in 2002 to reach a record Yn8,700bn, with average per c

Pause for thought

The mainland Chinese economy may be expanding at a very fast rate but weaknesses in the domestic secto

An elusive market

Even after its accession to the World Trade Organisation, China is a hard market to crack for foreign

Medical care pioneers

China's medical care sector is open to foreign investors, but low income levels and confusing regulations have so far dampened enthusiasm.

Supply chain gold rush

Following China's accession to the WTO in 2001, supply chains are on the edge of spectacular change, says Robert J. Easton of Accenture.

Premium opportunities

A reframing of the regulatory rules for the insurance industry promises to bring real benefits for insurance providers and policyholders alike.

The numbers game

China may be one of the world's fastest expanding tourist destinations, but quantifying the true size of the market is not an easy undertaking.

Oiling the supply chain

Factoring is a financing method whereby firms can speed up the collection of accounts receivable by assigning invoices to a third party factor. It is fast gaining popularity in mainland China, where late payment and bad debts are major concerns for companies.

Amendments to Foreign Trade Law

Individuals will soon be legally allowed to conduct foreign trade from China instead of having to go t

In brief

A privately owned property developer has agreed to pay Yn21m for the right to name Shanghai's first m

In brief

Some Yn2.4bn will be spent over the next five years on reinforcing 700km of dykes along the Han River

In brief

Property insurance companies are now allowed to sell flight passenger insurance, under new regulation

In brief

DaimlerChrysler has held talks with the Chinese government about a joint venture

In brief

China Yangtze Electric Power, the listing vehicle for the Three Gorges dam project,hopes to raise Yn4

China's inflated spending figures

Along with high levels of inward investment and a substantial trade surplus, tourist arrivals to China

Japanese criticise performance

A survey of Japanese companies operating in China found deep levels of dissatisfaction at the progress

Customs revenue reaches new peak

China's customs revenue reached a record high of Yn259.1bn in 2002, according to figures quoted by Chi

U-turn on steel tariffs policy

Complaints from domestic manufacturers have forced the government into giving exemptions to the steel


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