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China fails to improve competitiveness

China failed to improve its international competitiveness standing over the past year, according to

Rural incomes unlikely to meet target

The director of rural development research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences warned that

Bank acts to tackle overheating

China's industrial production in May grew by 13.7 per cent from a year earlier, the slowest growth rat

Korean firms suffer US$2.5bn losses

Korean firms with investments in China have suffered an estimated US$2.Sbn in losses due to the

Services sector hits Beijing Gap growth


Taiwanese company heads list of top exporters

A subsidiary of the Taiwanese computer parts maker Honhal Electronics was China's top

What women want

Chinese women may enjoy new freedoms in the home and at work, but they face conflicting ideals that marketers can help to reconcile.

Wenzhou leads the way

With national banking reform already agreed in principle, a trial scheme in Wenzhou is designed to show that change is possible, politically.

Branching out?

A slew of internet banking licences bring new opportunities for foreign banks to service international corporate customers in China. However, bankers remain cautious about their prospects given their limited branch network and lack of distribution channels.

The main reforms

Floating interest rates for deposits and loans

Small loan schemes (under Yn500,000)

In brief

A US television set maker and two trade unions representing workers in the industry have lodged a form

In brief

ANZ Banking Group said it is pursuing major expansion plans in China, where it already has a co-operat

Broader definition of unemployment

China will expand its definition of unemployment to include people earning less than the local living

Crisis management

The Sars crisis has had a big impact on the working policies of many foreign companies doing business

China returns to trade surplus

Exports rose a year-on-year 33.5 per cent during the first four months of this year to US$122.03bn, wh

Customs simplification seminar

Customs officials from China, Mongolia and the central Asian republics met in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in A

Alstom to supply boilers to Sichuan plant

European engineering giant Alstom has been awarded a contract worth m65m to supply a 300MW CFB (circul

Jobless rate rises after Sars

China's urban unemployment rate rose to 4.1 per cent during the first quarter of 2003 from 4.0 per cen

Slowdown in FDI growth

China's actual inward foreign direct investment rose by 51 per cent year-on-year in the first four mon

Epidemic will cut China's growth rate

China's gross domestic product grew by 8.9 per cent in April from a year earlier, reported China Secur

High-tech tax incentives

New tax incentives have been introduced to taxpayers in the high-tech industry, but they can be difficult to secure in practice.

Hypergrowth for China

To capture a slice of this huge and lucrative market, foreign retailers must understand that China is different, writes McKinsey & Co.

Shanghai meeting point

With good facilities and a flourishing nightlife, Shanghai has become China's favourite place for hosting meetings and exhibitions. However, the recent Sars outbreak could cause a log-jam in the industry.

Regulating M&A activity

The recently implemented provisional rules on mergers and acquisitions involving Chinese enterprises provide for potentially sweeping antitrust requirements that could have major implications for foreign investors.

In brief

China's broad measure of money supply, M2, was up 19 per cent at the end of April from the same period

In brief

China, which is Australia's third largest trading partner, has formally objected to plans by the Austr

In brief

Xiang Huaicheng, the former finance minister, was confirmed as head of the China National Social Secur

Market briefs

China Central Television's decision to air live broadcasts of the war in Iraq has boosted

Investment briefs

NEC of Japan is forming a joint venture to build a liquid crystal display production facility

In brief

Shenzhen is to build five container berths in first phase construction of a wharf at Dachan Bay, said


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