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China sticks toe in the door on $4tn global service talks

China is looking to get in on talks that will rewrite the rules for the US$4 trillion global trade

Shanghai stocks climb on positive manufacturing data

Stocks in Shanghai rallied on signs that China's economy continues to rebound after a slow start to

Sino-EU talks to open door to free-trade pact

The European Union is preparing to hold talks next week with China on easing business relations, le

China slaps tariffs on US solar panel materials

China is set to impose tariffs on Friday on imports of US materials used to build solar panels,

Date set for Shanghai free trade zone opening

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will preside over the opening ceremony of the Shanghai free trade zone o

China still stuck on the wrong growth path

Economic reform

China's Premier says rebound not yet stable

China's recent economic rebound reflected in financing and industrial data from August is “not soli

China industrial growth rises August

China's manufacturing industry showed signs of stronger growth in August, giving the government mor

August trade data boosts China economy hopes

Chinese exports rose higher-than-expected in August, pointing to a stabilization in the economy,

China may lower 2014 growth target: Economist

China may lower its annual economic growth target to 7% in 2014,

China to add lion's share to $100b BRICS fund

China will put up US$40 billion of a US$100 fund that BRICS countries will have access to in the ev

China can ride out the QE3 tapering waves

Capital flows

Shanghai to open free trade zone this month

Shanghai plans to launch the mainland's first

China PMI data suspended on accuracy concerns

The release of industry-specific data from China's official purchasing manager’s index (PMI) has be

Beijing should embark on a new growth order

Changing China

Q&A: Dalton Investments discusses its China strategy

Shorting China's SOEs

Data shows steadily increasing house prices in China

Housing prices continued to climb in July, showing an average 6.7% year-over-year growth, up from 6

Be wary of fake Chinese economic reform

Op-ed: Changes in China

Chinese brands and the question of trust

Paul French's diary

The sun shines again on China's solar industry

Renewable energy

Consumer inflation stays flat in July

China’s consumer price index rose 2.7% in July from a year earlier,

Beijing goes soft for now on residential property controls

China market roundup: August 9

July trade figures indicate recovery for China

China’s July trade numbers grew robustly, indicating that China’s economy could be stabilizing afte

China approves major shipment of Argentine corn

China received a 60,000 ton shipment of genetically modified Argentine corn, its first from the cou

Beijing to create forex investment agency

China’s central bank is working on a new agency that will better invest its US$3.5 trillion in fore

Beijing delays Shanghai FTZ

Beijing has delayed the opening of a free-trade zone in Shanghai, fearing loopholes in the legal fr

Beijing bans all New Zealand milk powder imports

China has halted all milk powder imports from New Zealand after a bacteria that could cause botulis

China bill offering shows tightening bias

China's central bank reopened a US$29.98 billion offering of three-year bills meant to drain liquid

Data shows China slowdown to be stabilizing

Manufacturing and service surveys showed increased expansion in July while business expectations ro

IMF: China's real exchange rate undervalued

China’s real exchange rate is undervalued by an estimated 5-10%, adjusted for inflation, 


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