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Individual RMB conversion allowance reset may cause headache

The PBOC could face a new headache next month when a $50,000 cap on how much foreign currency indiv

China to loosen employment laws in face of slowdown

China is preparing to roll back some job-security protections for workers to keep companies afloat

Beijing moves to stop M&A shopping spree

Beijing is embarking on a massive policy shift designed to stem ­capital flight by curbing outbound

Chinese investors seeking to buy Chicago Stock Exchange

The Chicago Stock Exchange disclosed on Monday the investors who are backing its bid to become a br

PBOC talks up the RMB against the dollar

China's central bank stepped in on Sunday night to provide "forward guidance" support for the Chine

Reuters: Chinese government money backs deal for US chip maker

Canyon Bridge Capital Partners, a buyout fund that agreed to acquire US-based chip maker Lattice Se

Whither the rmb

The big issue of the week is the RMB, which is under huge pressure to fall towards and beyond 7 to

China struggles to steady RMB decline

China is facing an uphill battle to maintain an orderly depreciation of the yuan as investors pile

China to start $35bn Pakistan silk road investment

More than three quarters of $46 billion of planned Chinese-led investment in Pakistan will be imple

More expats allowed to open "free-trade accounts'

The Shanghai branch of People's Bank of China has said it will allow more foreigners to open "overs

Beleaguered Chinese town looks to bond sale

The city that shrank the most in China's worst-performing province in 2015 has a pitch for dollar b

China said to threaten retaliation for US tariffs

Chinese officials have warned of retaliation against the US if Washington levies tariffs on the wor

Mexico looking to China as Trump dumps TPP

Mexico said on Tuesday the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could form the basis for bilateral trade

CKGSB survey shows continued industrial contraction

An independent survey of more than 2,000 companies in China's industrial sector points to another c

China's labor force expected to shrink

China's labor force is expected to drop to 906 million workers in 2016, pushing up labor costs and

APEC Summit: China pledges to lead global trade

Chinese president Xi Jinping vowed on Saturday to open the door even wider to foreign business and

The Times are A'Changing

You have probably noticed this, too, dear readers, but the times appear to be changing.

China looks to seize Asian trade leadership after Trump win

China will position itself as free trade's new champion at an Asia-Pacific summit this weekend, wit

Taiwan in $1.9bn shipping industry bailout

Taiwan has become the latest Asian shipping power to attempt to bail out its container shipping ind

China to continue US treasuries sell-off

China, the biggest foreign holder of US treasuries, is tipped to further reduce its investments in

Panel urges ban on Chinese SOEs buying US firms

Reuters reports th

US-China investment ties deeper than thought

Foreign direct investment flowing both ways between the US and China may be two to four times great

Trump may welcome Chinese investment

While Donald Trump might take a hard line on Chinese exports to the United States, he will likely w

Xi Jinping urges Trump, China cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping told US president-elect Donald Trump on Monday that co-operation betwe

China data shows steadying economy

Trump, strong dollar blamed for RMB slide

Caixin reports the Peopl

Chinese state media warns Trump against isolationism

Chinese state media has warned the US president-elect against isolationism and interventionism, cal

Alibaba Single's Day kickoff upstaged by Trump

The online shopping extravaganza known as Singles' Day was upstaged Thursday by US President-elect

China loses $32.8bn annually to extreme weather

China suffered the world's second-largest monetary loss from natural disasters during the period 19

Beijing reacts cautiously to Trump victory

The Chinese government's muted reaction to Donald Trump's victory belied a result that threatens to


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