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Chinese loan sharks demand nude photos as collateral

Chinese loan sharks are demanding nude photos as collateral from female borrowers which can be used

MSCI denies including China A-shares in indices

International investors’ concerns about the effect of China’s capital controls have once more put p

China housing sales rise

China’s housing sales in the first five months of the year continued to rise, though at a slower ra

IMF presses China on financial risks

China’s currency is largely fairly valued but Beijing needs to speed up financial reform to head of

FT: China spent $470bn to support RMB since last August

China’s central bank has burnt through nearly half a trillion dollars in foreign reserves to suppor

China ETFs grow on Fed rates, MSCI hopes

Investors are returning to exchange-traded funds focused on China and Hong Kong as increasing odds

Private investment slowdown stokes China growth fears

A slowdown in private investment in China in May overshadowed other, more-upbeat economic data, con

China's securities regulator pushes reforms ahead of MSCI decision

China's securities regulator has rushed through stock market rule changes under its new chairman in

Merkel pushes rule of law, market access on China visit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the role of an independent judiciary and the need for a le

RMB currency marketplace to open in London, New York

China's state-owned currency marketplace said on Sunday it was preparing to open branches in London

China, US agree to cooperate on steel glut, North Korea sanctions

China pledged on Tuesday to rein in excess steel output and work with the US to enforce sanctions a

China gives US $38 bn investment quota, deepens ties

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China's forex reserves at lowest level since 2011

China’s foreign exchange reserves dropped by $28bn in May, falling to their lowest level since the

China vows to ignore UN South China Sea verdict


Chinese company buys Germany's Hahn airport

Shanghai Yiqian Trading Company is to buy Hahn airport in Germany to secure a base for food exports

Goldman Sachs: China's debt load higher than previously thought

With many investors grappling to understand the degree to which China's economic growth has been fu

China to submit 'negative list' for US investment treaty talks

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China complains about overcapacity 'hype'

A war of words between China and the US over management of the Chinese economy escalated on Monday

China's unemployment may be higher than official figures

China's silk road faces obstacles abroad

In Laos, work has yet to start on what should be the first overseas leg of a rail line stretching t

Shenzhen plans three new international airports

Shenzhen is looking to build three new airports – one each for commercial airliners, seaplanes and

Jockeys and Cushions

We have a couple of big dates coming up, dear readers, so make sure you're paying attention from ne

US ire switches from RMB to Chinese overcapacity

US officials have been expressing anxiety over Chinese industrial overcapacity and runaway producti

US subpoenas Huawei over Iran, North Korea deals


South China Sea dispute overshadows China-US annual economic dialogue

The fraught relationship between China and the United States will be put to another test soon when

Caixin PMI: 15th consecutive month below neutral 50

Business conditions for China's manufacturers continued to deteriorate in May, as the

China's banks increase compliance spending amid global expansion

China's biggest banks are beefing up their risk management and compliance programs, following a ser

Net profit of mainland companies fell 1.1% in 2015

Earnings data compiled by research company Dazhihui showed that the total net profit of mainland-li

China in coal-plant construction binge

For companies and local officials eager to prop up growth with new jobs, the availability of low-co

Microsoft sells patents to Xiaomi, builds partnership

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