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US steel industry says imports national security threat

The US steel industry is pushing the Trump administration to take a sweeping view of what constitut

China suggests expanding imports from US

China has suggested more goods it may import from the United States as Beijing attempts to thaw onc

Moody's downgrades China on debt risks

Moody's Investors Services downgraded China's long-term local and foreign currency issuer ratings o

China's old economy booming

According to

China's population may be smaller than thought

China's population may be smaller than official data suggests, according to a group of researchers,

China's SOEs wary of Belt and Road political risk

As the global limelight fades from President Xi Jinping's "Belt and Road" summit, the main actors –

China's oil giants commit to investment boost

China's dominant oil firms have loosened their investment purse strings, apparently confident that

GM to pull out of India, refocus on China

According to Caixin, t


Information overload, boys and girls, so just a quick summary of events of  significance as w

China succeeds in mining subsea methane ice

China has succeeded in extracting methane gas from solid deposits under the sea in an experiment th

China's smartphones take half of Indian market

Chinese smartphone brands took more than half of India's market for the first time in this year's f

China injects $24.7bn into financial system

The People's Bank of China pumped a net 170 billion yuan ($24.7 billion) into the financial system

US uncertainty nudging Japan toward AIIB

Uncertainty over ties with the United States could push Japan closer to China, with a senior Japane

Brighter days but how much clearer?


China's economy slows more than expected in April

China's economic activity weakened more than expected last month on flagging factory demand.

China tries to ease OBOR political concerns

Xi Jinping has sought to allay concerns among China's neighbours that its ambitious Belt and Road s

Debt risk substantial in New Silk Road project

Behind China's trillion-dollar effort to build a modern Silk Road is a lending program of unprecede

Xi: OBOR goes beyond economic arrangements

Opening a two-day meeting with leaders from 29 countries and officials from dozens more on hand, Pr

US firms want in on OBOR spending

As China plans to build a raft of roads, rail lines, ports and airports across Asia, Africa and Eur

Germany demands OBOR free trade guarantees

Germany warned on Sunday it will not sign a joint statement at China's Belt and Road forum if a pac

Light relief

The Trump drama, which feels like it's heading towards some kind of a break point, remains a seriou

New Silk Road facing cash crunch

China is urgently seeking support from international lenders to close a yawning financing gap for p

Chinese banks provide $400bn credit to OBOR projects

Caixin reports that Ch

Caixin: RMB internationalization progress steady

China's campaign to position internationalize the RMB is moving forward despite depreciation concer

US announces deal to boost exports with China

After months of bashing China for its trade practices, the Trump administration said it had agreed

The pundits ponder the “New Normal”


China New Silk Road 2016 investment fell

Investment in China's "Belt and Road Initiative" (BRI) declined last year, according to several mea

China overseas M&A push unraveling

After stunning the world with a record $246 billion of announced outbound takeovers in 2016, Chines

Alibaba's Ma courts US Midwestern small business

Jack Ma is pushing for American small businesses to export more to China, as he looks to win over D

Germany welcomes Chinese investment in finance

China is welcome to invest in German financial firms, Germany's top market watchdog said after Chin


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