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Infographic series: China's underappreciated indicators

China by the numbers

US employment at Chinese firms rises 46% in 2016

Chinese controlled firms employed 141,000 Americans at the end of last year, a 46% increase over 20

China's official unemployment rate drops below 4%

China's official registered unemployment rate fell to a 14-year low of 3.97% in the first quarter,

China labor market tight, but wage increases low

China's labor market remained tight in the first quarter as the economy roared back.

More Chinese overseas students returning home

More young Chinese studying abroad are opting to return home, many of them citing better job prospe

Peking University to open UK campus

Caixin reports Peking

China's manufacturing sector stops shedding jobs

China's manufacturing sector saw activity climb to the highest level since 2012 in March as an offi

China to relax visa rules to attract talent

China is relaxing its visa rules for foreign workers in a bid to attract global talent to rev up it

Official: Two-child policy showing results

China's two-child policy is showing "notable results" with the fertility rate expected to rise thro

Baidu CEO: Trump opportunity to woo tech talent

Baidu CEO Robin Li has urged Beijing to further ease visa restrictions to attract overseas workers,

Chinese wages higher than Brazil, Mexico

Average wages in China's manufacturing sector have soared above those in countries such as Brazil a

In haste...

Another amazing and action-packed week in the great drama to which we are all witnesses, dear frien

FT: Robots to hit factory jobs hard

The increasingly rapid adoption of industrial robots on Chinese production lines is set to hasten t

China lowers 2017 coal production cut target

China's goal to reduce excess coal capacity will be far less ambitious this year, only 20% of last

Chinese firm files complaint over McDonald's sale

A Chinese consultancy, Hejun Vanguard Group, that has previously helped to win antitrust battles ag

ChinaCoal to reallocate 9,300 workers in capacity cut

ChinaCoal, China's second-largest coal producer, plans to divert around 9,300 coal workers, about 1

China aims to create 50mn urban jobs

China raised the target for creating new urban jobs in its latest five-year plan till 2020, while a

Labor unrest rising in China's 'new economy'

Chinese labor unrest extended its footprint last year as workforce tensions that have long beset th

China digital economy to create 415m jobs by 2035

China's digital economy, already home to the world's largest population of internet and smartphone

Foreign degrees losing value for Chinese students

Nearly 70% of Chinese students who returned after studying abroad said they were "unsatisfied" with

China encourages unemployed to move to countryside

Migrant workers made redundant by factory closures, fresh college graduates who can't find good job

China to loosen employment laws in face of slowdown

China is preparing to roll back some job-security protections for workers to keep companies afloat

China's rust belt faces young talent exodus

North-eastern China is facing a demographic crisis as educated millennials abandon the industrial h

China's labor force expected to shrink

China's labor force is expected to drop to 906 million workers in 2016, pushing up labor costs and

Chinese salaries fail to keep up with GDP growth

China has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the past few decades, but individual salaries have largely f

China to relocate 100 million farmers

The Chinese government said it plans to relocate 100 million farmers, or about 12% of the rural pop

China's largest private shipbuilder to cut 2000 more jobs

China's largest private shipbuilder Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings has laid off 6,000 workers la

Mainland China universities rank in top 100 for first time

Universities from mainland China broke into the global top 100 in an annual ranking for the first t

Reuters: China unemployment fears may be overblown

Despite its sputtering economy - or perhaps because of it – China's labor market may be able to pro

McKinsey: China labor productivity 15-30% OECD average

McKinsey, the business consultancy, calculates that labor productivity in China is only 15-30% of t


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