Energy & Environment

The biggest impact of Beijing’s resource quest has been on global trading prices

Q&A: Global energy prices

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Pipelines not so profitable for PetroChina

Market roundup: May 16

Back to the farm

Chandra Nair calls for unilateral, drastic revision of environmental policy in Asia

2016 world green energy investment falls 18%

Global green energy investment has plunged by the largest amount in more than a decade as a spendin

China to spend $361bn on renewables by 2020

China will plow 2.5 trillion yuan ($361 billion) into renewable power generation by 2020, the count

China aiming for aggressive coal cuts by 2020

China aims to cut the capacity of its coal mines by 300m tonnes a year until 2020 even as productio

China 2016 energy consumption up 1.4%

China's total primary energy consumption is expected to have reached 4.36 billion tonnes of coal eq

Heavy smog causes flight delays in northern China

Persistent heavy smog on Tuesday caused massive flight delays in and around Beijing, snarling traff

China smog response signals new outlook

Cities across northern China maintained air-pollution measures on Monday after issuing a series of

China environment watchdogs increase independence

China buys Mexico offshore oil rights

China has arrived on Mexico's oil scene.

Cheung Kong Infrastructure bids $5.4bn Aussie pipeline firm

Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing launched a multibillion-dollar bid for an Australian infrastructure gr

EU blames China for environmental trade talks collapse

Europe's trade negotiator blamed China on Sunday for scuppering a global environmental trade deal b

China pushes new pollution permit system amid doubt

After years of debate, the mainland has launched a pollution permit system that authorities are hai

China's land restoration program marks shift

China's move to let one million acres of farmland lie fallow or put it under crop rotation is a sig

China warns Trump against chucking climate deal

China has warned Donald Trump that he will be defying the wishes of the entire planet if he acts on

Trump election casts doubt on US-China climate cooperation

The election of Donald Trump as US president could effectively put an end to the honeymoon period o

China loses $32.8bn annually to extreme weather

China suffered the world's second-largest monetary loss from natural disasters during the period 19

China seeks to export excess power

China is seeking to build up export markets for its power amid signs the nation has invested too mu

China to encourage banks to join rural pollution fight

Beijing criticizes firms breaking emissions limits

China's environment ministry has criticized firms in Beijing and surrounding provinces for exceedin

Green subsidy scandal hits two more car makers

China has punished two 'new energy' vehicle makers for producing and selling vehicles with batterie

China punishes coal, steel companies over pollution, safety

China's state planner has punished hundreds of coal and steel companies by forcing them to close or

China, Britain sign Hinkley Point deal

The contract for a French-Chinese consortium to build Britain's first nuclear plant in a generation

UK approves Hinkley Point nuclear plant

The UK government on Thursday said it had approved the building of a controversial nuclear power st

Tibet cloud seeding proposed to solve water shortage

A group of scientists are proposing cloud seeding on a massive scale on the Tibetan plateau to crea

China's electric vehicle subsidy fraud scandal spreads

China has accused more than 20 additional car makers, including Nissan and Hyundai, of breaking rul

Fresh air

G20 is over, dear readers, and the factories are back to pumping out gunk into the air.

Air pollution costs world $5tn annually

Premature deaths due to air pollution are costing the global economy $5.1tn annually, with more tha


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