Energy & Environment

The biggest impact of Beijing’s resource quest has been on global trading prices

Q&A: Global energy prices

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Pipelines not so profitable for PetroChina

Market roundup: May 16

Back to the farm

Chandra Nair calls for unilateral, drastic revision of environmental policy in Asia

Sinopec to pay state-owned parent $562m for Saudi refinery stake

Sinopec (386.HKG) will buy its state-owned parent company's stake in a Saudi Arabia oil-processing

New report highlights China's shipping pollution

A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a US-based environmental advocacy group, d

Alevo Group stikes energy storage deal in China

Alevo Group, a leading batter and power storage company, has reached a deal with China-ZK Internati

Anti-smog measures increase in buildup to APEC summit

Beijing has ordered its five neighboring provinces to cut their emissions by 30% from November 3 to

Beijing slashes outlook for offshore wind power by 60%

China now expects to install 60% less offshore wind power by 2015, potentially marking the first ti

PetroChina on pace to exceed 2015 shale target

China’s largest oil and gas producer, PetroChina (PTR.NYSE), believes it will achieve or surpass it

Beijing's anti-pollution measures can't overcome smog's regional roots

Airmageddon again

Ministry of Environmental Protection criticizes response to heavy smog

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has criticized inadequate responses to the heavy

CNPC anti-corruption chief detained

Beijing cuts cars on the road, adds holiday ahead of Apec summit

How China plans to rewrite the rules of solar energy

Power, by the people

China to boost carbon emissions to record levels this year

China's growth will drive carbon dioxide emissions to record levesls this year, keeping the world f

China queues up for a stake in India nuclear energy sector

President Xi Jinping agreed Thursday to open talks with New Delhi on cooperation in India's nuclear

Iraqi Kurdistan oil may be headed to China

Iraqi Kurdistan may be in talks to potentially supply China with 4 million barrels of oil, as at le

CNOOC discovers deepwater gas field south of Hainan

China National Offshore Oil Corp announced Monday its discovery of a deepwater gas field about 150k

Sinopec to sell 29.9% stake in retail unit

Sinopec, China's largest oil refiner, announced on Sunday that it would be selling an almost 30% st

Chinese scientists increase crop yields with less fertilizer

Chinese researchers have claimed to have found a way to grow more food without an environmental tol

China aims to become solar panels' biggest market

China has introduced a policy to encourage more rooftop solar installations.

"Short-horse" national pollution forecast races past laggard efforts of Chinese officials

Dirty skies

CNPC seeks investment in untapped Xinjiang gas fields

State-owned China National Petroleum Corp., the nation's largest oil and gas producer, plans to sel

Henan urges banks to finance local coal, solar companies

Henan province last week asked eight Chinese banks including Bank of China (3988.HKG, 601988.SHA) t

Environmental policy evolves, but wildlife still lack protection

Green China

China’s solar exports up 18% in 2014

China's solar technology exports increased 18% to US$7.42 billion in the first half from a year ear

Water shortage raises need for more food imports: Official

China should increase food imports to spare more of its scarce water supplies for energy production

Beijing sets new limits on industry to slash pollution

Beijing has imposed new limits on the expansion of polluting and resource-intensive industries,

Trade body paints bleak outlook for coal sector

Wang Xianzheng, chairman of the China Coal Industry Association, this week warned that over 70% of


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