Energy & Environment

The biggest impact of Beijing’s resource quest has been on global trading prices

Q&A: Global energy prices

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Pipelines not so profitable for PetroChina

Market roundup: May 16

Back to the farm

Chandra Nair calls for unilateral, drastic revision of environmental policy in Asia

PetroChina to sell off natural gas pipeline assets worth up to $2.4bn

State-run PetroChina has announced plans to sell its 50% stake in subsidiary Trans-Asia Gas Pipelin

State Grid makes bid for major Australian electricity network

A consortium led by China's State Grid is among four in a pitched battle over Australian transmissi

NDRC cuts natural gas prices, alters price-setting scheme

The National Development and Reform Commission cut city-gate natural gas prices by RMB0.7 (US$0.11)

China signs deal to finance and build two nuclear plants in Argentina

Beijing and Buenos Aires have signed an agreement that will see China build and finance two nuclear

More coal-fired power plants approved despite slowing growth in demand

155 new coal-fired power plants received a permit in China during the first nine months of 2015, di

Liaoning province smothered by smog in winter's first airpocalypse

Levels of carcinogenic particulate in the air of Liaoning's provincial capital of Shenyang reported

China's coal consumption vastly underestimated since 2000

China has been burning as much as 17% more coal each year than previously reported, potentially add

PetroChina, Sinopec Q3 earnings torpedoed by low oil prices

Third-quarter profits at China's top two petroleum outfits dropped dramatically, with state-owned P

UK, China sign almost $61bn in business deals

The government of British Prime Minister David Cameron announced it had secured nearly GBP40 billio

CNNC to open four new uranium mining bases in China by 2020

State-owned China National Nuclear Corp has announced plans to build four new uranium mines in Chin

Questions raised over track record of China nuclear firm eyeing UK plant

China General Nuclear Corp, one of two mainland firms expected to invest in the UK's Hinkley Point

Secretive broker of many China-Africa deals detained in Beijing

Sam Pa, frontman for the secretive Hong Kong-based business network at the center of many China-Afr

Xi to announce national cap-and-trade program starting in 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping will announce at a White House summit meeting on Friday a commitment t

Corruption, pollution, wealth gap, crime among public's top concerns

A study released by the Pew Research Center found corruption and pollution chief among Chinese citi

Data centers are the digital engine rooms of China's new economy

Hard-working hardware

Illegal timber from Myanmar surges into China

The flow of illegal timber into China from Myanmar has escalated markedly as Chinese operations ven

China coal consumption 14% higher than thought for 2000-2013

Revised data out of Beijing has led the US Energy Information Administration to conclude that China

China coal consumption data throw 2014's global CO2 stall into question

Recent data on China's coal consumption raises doubts as to whether the country's economic growth a

CNPC to sell off hotels and company cars after graft inspection

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has announced it will sell most of its hotels by the en

Plans for eco-park at Tianjin blast site met with scorn

A proposal by the planning and land resources administration of Tianjin's Binhua district to turn t

Amendments approved to China's 15-year-old air pollution law

China's rubber-stamp legislature has approved amendments expected to make local governments respons

Hanergy to cut over 1/3 of its workforce as profits turn to loss

Solar panel equipment maker Hanergy Thin Film Power Group will cut 2,000 out of almost 5,500 employ

Electricity use trends point to major gains in China's energy efficiency

Capping per capita

Tianjin death toll grows to 112 as 95 still missing amid chemical concerns

The official death toll from explosions Wednesday at a chemical storage facility in Tianjin has ris

Air pollution contributes to 1.6mn deaths in China every year, study finds

Three-eights of the population of mainland China breathe air that would be rated "unhealthy" by Ame

Infographic series: Rising seas lay siege to China's booming coastal cities



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