Energy & Environment

China's carbon emissions could save the world—or doom it (part 3)

A coal-fired future

China's carbon emissions could save the world—or doom it (part 2)

Matters of perception

China's carbon emissions could save the world—or doom it (part 1)

Forecasting an apocalypse

The biggest impact of Beijing’s resource quest has been on global trading prices

Q&A: Global energy prices

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Pipelines not so profitable for PetroChina

Market roundup: May 16

Back to the farm

Chandra Nair calls for unilateral, drastic revision of environmental policy in Asia

Online air pollution documentary draws millions of views

An online documentary on China's air pollution problem produced by former state television reporter

Pilot carbon offset markets' inconsistent regulations cause price variations

Price discrepancies between carbon offsets at seven pilot emissions trading schemes throughout main

Coal mines shut down as Beijing forces industry consolidation

China's coal output likely fell 2.5% last year, with official statistics showing China consumed 1.1

State Council promises support for firms expanding overseas

China's State Council pledged more support for domestic firms' overseas expansion on Wednesday, par

Defect found in nearly 1 in 4 sampled solar panels set for use China

Defects in 23% of sampled solar panels planned for use in China could drastically reduce energy pro

Minister says 2014 pollution control goals met as hazardous haze hits Beijing

China's Environmental Protection Minister Zhou Shengxian asserted China had met its 2014 targets fo

China's chronic water shortage will only get worse, report says

A report published in China's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal has

Sinohydro consortium wins $386mn Mexican hydropower project

A consortium including Sinohydro Corp. (601669.SHA)--the company behind China's massive Three Gorge

China imports over 31 million tons of crude oil in December

Falling global crude oil prices prompted China to import a record 31 million tons of crude oil last

Supreme court lends support to NGOs in lawsuits against polluters

China's environmental protection NGOs will now have their court charges reduced when taking pollute

CSRC issues draft rules for foreign trading of some commodities futures

The China Securities Regulatory Commission has issued draft rules for allowing foreign investors to

Export-Import Bank of China grants Ecuador $5.3bn credit line as crude falls

China's Export-Import bank has granted Ecuador a credit line of US$5.3 billion, US$1.5 billion of w

Venezuela's Maduro to meet with Xi for talks on financing, energy

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro embarked on a trip to China late Monday to hold talks with Chin

Low crude prices may offer PBoC more room for a second rate cut

Depressed oil prices may provide Beijing with more leeway for a second interest-rate cut following

Ballard Power stocks down after ending contracts with China's Azure Hydrogen

Shares in Ballard Power Systems (BLD.NASDAQ) fell 7.6% to US$1.83 after the company canceled contra

Chinese tiger farms stoke demand for illegal tiger blood wine, pelts

A revived taste for tiger-bone wine among China's wealthy--together with growing demand for the ani

Polluters in Jiangsu slapped with record fine for acid discharge

The Higher People's Court of Jiangsu Province fined six companies RMB160 million (about US$26 milli

Water from diversion megaproject soon to flow from taps in Beijing

Water redirected from the Yangtze River's largest tributary will soon finally reach Beijing by way

Ground broken on joint megaproject to build Nicaraguan canal

Chinese billionaire Wang Jing and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega broke ground Tuesday on a cana

Beijing criticizes US tariffs on China-made solar panels

China's Commerce Ministry on Wednesday criticized the United States' decision to impose broader ant

China Resources VP detained in corruption probe

Jiang Wei, a vice-president of state-owned China Resources, has been in detention for at least a mo

Local nuclear outfits compete with foreign firms in new power struggle

Foreign nuclear outfits are struggling to stay in China as the country increasingly turns to local

Lima climate agreement dogged by disagreements despite China-US agreement

A rift between rich and poor countries pushed climate change talks in Lima two days past their plan


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