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Infographic series: China's underappreciated indicators

China by the numbers

For a better future urban environment China needs to break up its megacities

Livable cities

Beijing will use BRICS bank to weave a web around Washington

OP-ED: China in the world

Beijing should not overestimate Europe’s divisions

Q&A: Europe and China

Op-ed: China must regenerate its towns and cities


Chinese culture all but forgotten in the rush to urbanize


China's SOE overhaul approaches milestone

China is close to completing a long-targeted overhaul of operations at its state-owned enterprises,

Foxconn to open Wisconsin factory

Trump announced Wednesday that Foxconn plans a new factory in Wisconsin, fulfilling the Taiwanese m

US, China progress on UN N Korea sanctions

The United States and China are making progress on a new UN resolution that would impose additional

Chinese fighter buzzes US spy plane

US Navy reconnaissance plane was forced to take evasive action to avoid a possible mid-air collisio

China issues threats on India border dispute

China's military warned India it would defend its territory "at all costs" and planned to reinforce

China testing crime-predicting AI

China, a surveillance state where authorities have unchecked access to citizens' histories, is seek

Everything is coming up steel roses

With the 19th Party Congress galloping towards us, Those in Command are getting ever-busier making

US-China trade talks come up mostly empty

The US and China have ended two days of high-level economic talks with vows to co-operate on tackli

India says ready for border talks

India on Thursday said it was ready to hold talks with China about both sides pulling back their fo

US, China ramp up steel talks

China and the US ramped up talks on steel amid threats from President Donald Trump to impose new cu

China to stop accepting foreign garbage

China notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Tuesday that it would stop accepting shipments

WhatsApp partially blocked in China

Facebook's WhatsApp messaging service has been partially blocked in China, following a censorship c

US-China trade talks stalling as deadline nears

Bilateral talks aimed at reducing the US trade deficit with China have yielded some initial deals,

Integrity and courage

Principles mean something, ladies and gentlemen.

China giving up 'non-interference' in Africa

Since Xi Jinping became president in 2012, China has gradually given up a non-interference policy t

Philippines hails new relationship with China

The Philippines' trade minister is predicting economic ties with China will grow faster than ever a

Chinese city backs bonds with government property

In 2014, Xingyang's local government financing vehicle (LGFV) obtained National Development and Ref

US lawmakers press to block Chicago Stock Exchange deal

Eleven members of Congress asked the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday to stop the sa

End of the Bromance

I usually like portmanteau words a lot (or rather, I supportmanteau wor

Fosun shares fall on rumors of missing chairman

Chinese conglomerate Fosun International fended off reports that it had lost contact with its chair

Vietnam renews India oil deal in disputed waters

Vietnam has extended an Indian oil concession in the South China Sea and begun drilling in another

Trump denounces China, N Korea trade

US President Donald Trump denounced China's trade with North Korea on Wednesday and cast doubt on w

China, India border row 'worst in 30 years'

China's envoy to India has warned that a military stand-off along a contested part of the border in

US urges global action on N Korean missile launch

The US has called for a global effort to ratchet up economic pressure on North Korea as it condemne


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