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Infographic series: China's underappreciated indicators

China by the numbers

For a better future urban environment China needs to break up its megacities

Livable cities

Beijing will use BRICS bank to weave a web around Washington

OP-ED: China in the world

Beijing should not overestimate Europe’s divisions

Q&A: Europe and China

Op-ed: China must regenerate its towns and cities


Chinese culture all but forgotten in the rush to urbanize


US targets Chinese firms in new North Korea sanctions

​The US has imposed ​​more sanctions on North Korea as well as​ Chinese firms that trade with the r

Former Chinese internet chief under investigation for corruption

Lu Wei, a propaganda officer for China's Communist party who in recent years personified its effort

Apple removes Skype and other apps from China under government pressure

Apple said on Tuesday it has removed several apps including Skype from its app store in China after

China and Pakistan recommit to economic corridor project

As China and Pakistan agreed on Tuesday to push ahead with their huge economic and infrastructure s

China criticizes Indian president's visit to disputed border region

China on Monday criticized a visit by Indian President Ram Nath Kovind to the remote state of Aruna

Delegates praise China's attitude at climate talks

China has filled some of the void on climate change leadership left by US President Donald Trump's

Beijing orders foreign-funded universities to set up party cells

The Chinese Communist party has ordered foreign-funded universities to install party units and gran

Belt up

OBOR is one of the strangest names ever created for a project.

Pakistan cancels China dam project agreement

Pakistan has decided to cancel a $14 billion infrastructure agreement with China because it could n

Xi Jinping pledges support for Saudi Arabia

China supports Saudi Arabia's efforts to safeguard national sovereignty and achieve greater develop

China, EU investment deal hindered by Chinese demands

The negotiations for an investment treaty between China and the European Union are being hampered b

Diplomatic "Quad" revived to counter China influence

Alongside the gladhanding, strutting and tweets from world leaders at two Asian summits over the pa

Trump cuts short Asia tour

US President Donald Trump has again raised doubts about his country's commitment to the region by o

US Congress to pass bill on offshore deal scrutiny

The US Congress is moving quickly to approve proposed bipartisan legislation that would tighten nat

Christian villagers replace Jesus portraits with Xi

Thousands of Christians in an impoverished county in rural southeast China have swapped their poste

China promises to open financial sector

China has announced plans to ease limits on foreign ownership of financial services groups, followi

Donald Does Dongya

Trump is in

Xi pledges China will import more US products

President Xi Jinping pledged Thursday to import more US agricultural produce and energy products an

Eleven countries move forward on TPP without US

Japan and 10 other countries were moving closer to a deal on pushing ahead with the Trans-Pacific P

China tested new missile days before Trump's arrival in Beijing

China is likely to have tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could strike anywh

Chinese commerce minister reassures US on trade deficit

Donald Trump is expected to tackle the US trade deficit with China this week.

PBOC chief blames local governments for China's financial troubles

China's central bank chief has lashed out at local governments, saying their constant calls for loo

China tests mega-dredger capable of building islands in S China Sea

China is testing a new dredger ship that will greatly enhance its land reclamation capabilities, a


With the Party Congress behind us, China faces the next steps.


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