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China bans news gathering by some online portals

China’s internet regulator has put a halt to original reporting by some of the country’s biggest on

ASEAN deadlocked on South China Sea response

Southeast Asian nations failed to agree on maritime disputes in the South China Sea on Sunday after

Creeping weirdness

It has been a week, dear readers, increasingly visibly dominated by two different approaches,

China leadership split over economic reform

Earlier this month, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang both delivered forceful instruction

China links economic and military development

China said on Thursday it would leverage its economy to boost defense capabilities, acknowledging s

Brussels to compromise on China market economy status

Brussels is drawing up a plan to treat China as a market economy in trade disputes, but only in tan

China strikes and protests up 20%

Strikes and protests in China during the first half of 2016 rose almost 20% compared to a year earl

South China Sea ruling overwhelmingly against China

An international tribunal emphatically rejected China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea,

Hague set to rule on South China Sea

Cash, Congress and Cleveland

Another week, another

China floods kill 130, deals $5bn in crop damage

Severe flooding across central and southern China over the past week has killed almost 130 people,

Not the end of the world... yet.

A week is a long time in politics, a wise man once said, and never was it more true than this past

The worst of weeks ... until the next one

Dear readers, there are times when one despairs and humor will not rise to the occasion.

Bankruptcies rise as China tackles zombie firms

Chinese bankruptcies have surged this year as the government uses the legal system to deal with “zo

State Council warns officials on blocking private investment

In a meeting chaired by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council said local officials would be

US Commerce Secretary: More work needed on China investment rules

China's latest proposed list of industries that would be off-limits to foreign investors shows more

China tobacco sales in first fall in two decades

China's rival GPS system to increase accuracy


Hong Kong bookseller speaks out on detention

One of five Hong Kong booksellers who disappeared last year has made harrowing allegations about ho

Chinese loan sharks demand nude photos as collateral

Chinese loan sharks are demanding nude photos as collateral from female borrowers which can be used

Merkel pushes rule of law, market access on China visit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the role of an independent judiciary and the need for a le

China, US agree to cooperate on steel glut, North Korea sanctions

China pledged on Tuesday to rein in excess steel output and work with the US to enforce sanctions a

China gives US $38 bn investment quota, deepens ties

Reuters repo

China vows to ignore UN South China Sea verdict


China to submit 'negative list' for US investment treaty talks

Reuters repo

China complains about overcapacity 'hype'

A war of words between China and the US over management of the Chinese economy escalated on Monday

Jockeys and Cushions

We have a couple of big dates coming up, dear readers, so make sure you're paying attention from ne

South China Sea dispute overshadows China-US annual economic dialogue

The fraught relationship between China and the United States will be put to another test soon when

China unveils ambitious soil cleanup plan


China supply-side reform debate intensifies

In an opinion piece in the official People’s Daily on Thursday, Renmin University professo


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