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Dozens of attackers shot dead in Xinjiang attacks

Dozens of people were killed or injured during a terror attack in Xinjiang early on Monday, South Chin

Zhou Yongkang officially charged

China's Communist Party on Tuesday announced a corruption investigation into former security chief Zho

China spying on its own joint maritime exercises

An elite Chinese surveillance ship is operating just outside of US territory near the US-led Rim of th

The President adopts a cuddly persona

Being disliked is a catalyst for diplomatic change

China widens corruption crackdown to 'naked officials'

China's anti-corruption chief pledged on Wednesday to widen the anti-corruption drive to officials wit

China tells US to stay out of Asia’s maritime disputes

China on Tuesday told the US to stay neutral over South China Sea maritime disputes and leave countrie

Pew says China's Xi failing to make global impression

Chinese President Xi Jinping is failing to make a strong positive impression on the global public, but

Africa biggest recipient of Chinese aid: Report

China spent US$14 billion on foreign aid between 2010 and 2012, with more than half going to Africa, R

China agrees to gradually reduce yuan intervention

Beijing on Thursday agreed to stop interfering with the value of the yuan "as conditions permit," repr

US-China carbon pacts promising, but differences remain

The US and China have signed eight agreements to increase cooperation between the two nations in reduc

Celebrating serfdom on July 4

Companies and countries can’t shake their dependence on China

DPRK nuclear program to dominte Xi's visit to Seoul

North Korea’s nuclear program will dominate the agenda as Chinese President Xi Jinping and Korean Pres

SolarWorld seeks investigation into China hacking

A unit of SolarWorld (SWVK.ETR) asked the US Commerce Department to investigate a possible cyber-theft

China still trying to evacuate workers from Iraq

China says that it is still trying to evacuate a small number of Chinese workers from Iraq in close co

China urged to loosen rules on electric car production

China's state-run research center responsible for helping the government draft automotive policy said

US will fight back over Chinese hacking, says ambassador

New US ambassador to China Max Baucus on Wednesday said his country will use diplomatic and legal mean

Local governments adding less debt

Local authorities in China are slowing the pace at which they add new debt, Bloomberg reported, citing

China urges peaceful resolution to maritime disputes

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has said that China wishes to promote peaceful development of the oceans, w

China producing more millionaires than US, Hong Kong

Mainland China is the third-fastest region for producing millionaires, ahead of the Hong Kong and the

Official in corruption probe connected to top leaders

A senior Chinese official arrested on suspicion of corruption is reportedly the brother of a former to

China denies suppressing reporters’ rights

The Chinese government has denied that it is trying to curb the right of journalists to print critical

China-Vietnam talks fail to resolve oil rig dispute

China State Councillor Yang Jiechi told Hanoi on Wednesday to stop “hyping up tensions” over a Chinese

China to build school on disputed islands

China plans to build a school on the disputed Paracel Islands, BBC News reported, without citing a sou

China's top Taiwan official to make first trip to island

Mainland China’s top official for Taiwan affairs will make his first visit to the island, The China Po

China accuses Japan over warplane incident

China on Thursday accused Japan over trying to deceive the international community following an incide

PBOC announces measures to help exporters

The People's Bank of China has promised a broad range of policy measures aimed at supporting the count

Beijing asserts total authority over Hong Kong

Beijing asserted its total political control over Hong Kong in a white paper issued by the State Counc

NDRC official plays down expectations for emissions cut

A senior government official on Monday downplayed the prospects of China enacting imminent cuts to car

Official says China ready for India border settlement

China is prepared to resolve its border disputes with India, Bloomberg reported, citing a Monday state

Guangdong catches over 1,000 "naked officials"

More than 1,000 “naked” officials have been caught and punished in an investigation in Guangdong provi


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