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Under pressure

All we can stand

Poverty in China: Smaller, but tougher

Daunting success

Survey finds high-earning expats clustered in China

An HSBC survey on quality of life among overseas workers found that expatriates in Asia - particula

China may further empower corruption-fighting agency

China’s Communist Party will likely increase the power of their secretive Central Commission for Di

Hedging our bets

Only fools rush in

200m in China living on under RMB8 a day

82 million rural Chinese live on a daily income of less than US$1 (RMB6.13) according to a senior o

China, Russia sign deals on energy, trade and finance

Premier Li Keqiang signed 38 deals on Monday during a visit to Moscow, deepening economic ties and

People's Daily accuses foreign companies of dodging taxes

Party mouthpiece People's Daily ran a full page of coverage and commentary on Monday accus

Shanghai's over-sixty population set to hit 7.7m by 2030

Zhou Haiwang, deputy director of population and development studies under the Shanghai Academy of S

Great rejuvenations

A week of new beginnings

Hong Kong chief executive received undisclosed £4m payout

Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung received GBP4 million (US$6.467 million) from Australian enginee

Q&A: Foreign correspondence in China and Asia

Reportorial retrospective

Financial firms' Hong Kong operations disrupted by protests

Some financial firms in Hong Kong have expressed concern over the ongoing protests in the territory

Chinese troops will, in fact, go to South Sudan to aid UN mission

Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng finally confirmed in a statement Thursday that China would

Ex-top policy official confesses to extensive bribery

Former deputy head of the powerful National Development and Reform Commission Liu Tienan confessed

Former top Hong Kong official says he took payoff from Beijing

Hong Kong's former chief secretary Rafael Hui told the territory's high court on Tuesday that he ha

Food supplier to fire 340 workers from infamous factory

Shanghai Husi, supplier to international fast-food chains in China including McDonald's and KFC, an

Chinese court finds GlaxoSmithKline guilty of bribery

A Chinese court found drug maker GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK.NYSE) local subsidiary in China guilty of b

Authorities nab 88 financial criminals abroad

The Ministry of Public Security says it has seized 88 fugitives overseas for financial crimes,

Jack Ma? Never heard of him.


Xi, Modi sign deal as troops rattle sabres at China-India border

While Chinese and Indian security forces faced off in the countries' disputed border region Wednesd

Poll finds China thriving financially, less so in countryside

US Treasury Secretary upset over China probes


Nearly half of wealthy Chinese polled considering move abroad

A new poll by Barclays (BCS.NYSE) of 2,000 individuals and investors in China found that almost hal

Big words

Talking the talk

Norway disputes grounds of China ban on imported salmon

Norway's seafood council rejected concerns Thursday that salmon exported to China posed a hazard,

Li Keqiang tries to calm foreign investors' nerves

Premier Li Keqiang moved yesterday to reassure foreign companies at the World Economic Forum that h

UN says no Chinese peacekeepers in South Sudan yet

China hasn't yet sent 700 soldiers to join a UN peacekeeping force in South Sudan to protect oil fi

China & Vietnam swap allegations over latest maritime incident

Accounts from China and Vietnam paint vastly different pictures of the latest incident in disputed

Chinese battalion to defend oil, workers in S. Sudan

China began deployment of an infantry battalion of 700 soldiers in South Sudan to a United Nations


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