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China searches itself for flight MH370

Chinese authorities have redirected their search teams for Malaysian Air flight 370,

Xi to bolster China influence with Europe tour

Chinese president Xi Jinping will use an 11-day trip to Europe to bolster Beijing's diplomatic infl

Chinese anti-graft inspectors to probe 11 provinces

China will carry out a new round of anti-corruption investigations,

It's over when it's over but it ain't over yet

Things in China are bad but they could be worse

Search continued for Malaysia Airlines wreckage

The search is still on for wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared from rad

How a default is stealing the show from Beijing's big event

Corporate bonds

Green economy comes into focus at NPC

China on Wednesday declared a "war on pollution" and promised sweeping reforms to promote sustainab

China ramps up military spending by 12.2%

China said on Wednesday it would increase the defense budget by 12.2% this year to US$131.57 billio

Xi backs Putin in settling Ukraine crisis

Chinese President Xi Jinping backed his Russian counterpart Vladimir Pu

Amid slowdown, China sets 7.5% GDP target

China retained a 7.5% economic growth target for 2014,

How far will Beijing walk after all the talk on SOE reform?

National People's Congress

Xi orders terrorism crackdown after knife killings

China’s President Xi Jinping ordered a crackdown on “violent terrorist activities” following a mass

The new currency of China is faceless

Move over Mao

President Xi to head internet security body

Chinese President Xi Jinping will head a central government body for internet security,

Shanghai FTZ to spearhead interest-rate reform

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced Wednesday that the ceiling on interest rates for foreig

Chinese billionaire count grew by 41 last year

The number of billionaires in China increased by 41 people last year, reaching a total of 358, acco

WHO calls Beijing smog a "crisis"

The WHO representative in China on Tuesday described the choking pollution in Beijing as a “crisis”

Natural disaster cost doubles in China to $69bn in 2013

Natural disasters in China caused damage valued at US$69 billion (RMB421 billion) in 2013,

When the masses retake China's ghost towns


Two more allies of former security chief detained

China has detained two high-ranking officials in a corruption investigation that appears focused on

Corruption is still the most innovative thing in China

Never stop stealing money

Beijing warns residents ahead of heavy smog

City authorities in Beijing issued an emergency pollution alert for the first time on Thursday, for

Has China really ditched its grain self-sufficiency policy?

Feeding China

Vice crackdown spreads across China

China is directing a recent crackdown on prostitution, gambling and drugs to go national,

China willing to meet with Taiwan president

China said it was open to a meeting between President Xi Jinping and Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou,

Gap in national and regional GDP figures narrows

The reported economic output of China's provinces exceeded the national figure by US$1 trillion (RM

Property speculators in small cities have a tough year ahead

China real estate

China cracks down on prostitution in southern city

A Chinese campaign against prostitution, called the “exterminate yellow” campaign, has spread acros

Big Four accounting firms appeal SEC ban

The Chinese units of the global Big Four accounting firms Wednesday appealed a US judge’s ruling su

Mainland and Taiwan to set up rep offices after historic talks

At their first high-level talks since the 1949 creation of the People’s Republic of China, mainland


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