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China chafes at UK inquiry into HK elections

China has warned Britain to stay out of its affairs in Hong Kong lest it put Sino-British ties at r

China, Canada try to quietly patch up relationship

A low-key meeting was held in Ottawa this week as senior officials from Canada and China attempted

Party pressure rises for 3 major mainland universities

Peking University, Shanghai's Fudan University and Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou have vowed t

China backs Russia as EU sanctions uncertain

China has stated that additional EU sanctions against Russia, which has been accused of sending tro

Electoral plan prompts protests in Hong Kong

The announcement of a plan for electoral reform that will allow Beijing to vet all candidates runni

Eyes on the skies

Observing a week of high-altitude phenomena

Power industry exec detained over coal investment

Authorities have detained China Resources Power's (0836.HKG) president Wang Yujun, as well as Shanx

30,000 tonnes of tainted Chicken feet seized

Thirty-eight people were detained and eleven are still on the run after authorities intercepted 30,

Chinese snap up 85% of US investor visas

Investors from China accounted for 85% of US investor visas this year, exhausting the supply until

Macau police detain activists and raid polling stations

China appears to be taking a hard line against democracy activists in Macau, with police there raid

Close encounters between US and Chinese aircraft

Chinese intercepts of US planes in the South China Sea has been described by the US as "unsafe and

Eight executed in Xinjiang for terrorism

China announced it had executed eight people in the province of Xinjiang for terrorist acts includi

China gets creative

This week's developments should banish all doubt whether China can innovate

President Xi to cut SOE executives' salaries and benefits

China's President Xi Jinping looks set to continue his campaign against corruption, with senior exe

Xi Jinping calls for tighter regulation of SOE spending

President Xi Jinping called for the government to more tightly regulate executive salaries at state

China steps up fight to end corruption in land markets

China will conduct a nationwide audit of government land sales and related deals that may shed ligh

Can we just stop with the probes?

This atmosphere of suspicion is driving everyone mad

More cities dropping GDP as performance metric

Chinese officials in more than 70 small cities and counties have dropped GDP as a performance metri

US home to over 150 Chinese "economic fugitives"

More than 150 economic fugitives, many of whom are corrupt officials or suspected of graft in China

Of course foreigners are welcome!

Chinese society is just like the Benetton Family

Death of Chinese customs official probed

Police are investigating the death of Qingdao Customs deputy commissioner Bian Peiquan, who was emb

Xi Jinping says anti-graft fight in "deadlock"

President Xi Jinping says China's anti-corruption campaign is facing a deadlock due to resistance f

China factory explosion leaves at least 68 dead

A factory explosion in Kunshan, a city in China's eastern province of Jiangsu, killed at least 68 a

Corruption probe has global reach

With many of the Chinese government officials recently investigated for corruption also serving as

State Council announces more easing of hukou system

China will begin to relax its hukou, or household registration, system by removing the distinction

Dozens of attackers shot dead in Xinjiang attacks

Dozens of people were killed or injured during a terror attack in Xinjiang early on Monday,

Zhou Yongkang officially charged

China's Communist Party on Tuesday announced a corruption investigation into former security chief

China spying on its own joint maritime exercises

An elite Chinese surveillance ship is operating just outside of US territory near the US-led Rim of

The President adopts a cuddly persona

Being disliked is a catalyst for diplomatic change

China widens corruption crackdown to 'naked officials'

China's anti-corruption chief pledged on Wednesday to widen the anti-corruption drive to officials


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