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Trump launches China trade probe

US President Donald Trump called China's policies toward US companies operating in the country "unl

Trump to launch first major China trade action

Donald Trump is set to launch his first major trade action targeted at China on Monday by ordering

Fire and Kimche

It's all about North Korea this week, boys and girls, and the key devel

Global Times declares neutrality if N Korea strikes first

If North Korea launches an attack that threatens the United States then China should stay neutral,

China, ASEAN adopt South China Sea negotiating framework

Foreign ministers of Southeast Asia and China adopted on Sunday a negotiating framework for a code

On and offline

We've been thinking a lot about web access recently, ladies and gentlemen, and it's getting to the

US businesses fear Trump bungling China IP probe

US President Donald Trump's threat to investigate China's intellectual property and trade practices

China says India building up troops along border

China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said India has been building up troops and repairing roads alo

Trump officials discuss China trade action

The Trump administration is considering its first big trade action against Beijing, with officials

China's troubled Kenya projects impact polls

The new railway linking Nairobi to the port of Mombasa was supposed to be the crowning achievement

China warns neighbors on territorial disputes

Xi Jinping has warned that China will not tolerate any infringement of its sovereignty or territory

China may drop GDP target after Congress

The Chinese government likely will drop its annual gross domestic product target after the Communis

India blocks Fosun's Gland Pharma acquisition

India's cabinet has rejected China's Fosun Pharmaceuticals' $1.3 billion acquisition of Indian drug

China pledges support to new ally Gambia

China will offer its new African ally Gambia support in infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and ot

US "done talking about North Korea"

The United States is "done talking about North Korea" and China must decide if it is willing to bac

China holds military parade with new missiles

China unveiled a new, more mobile intercontinental ballistic missile at a parade of advanced weapon

Apple removes VPN apps from store

Apple has removed from its Chinese app store apps that enable users to bypass China's "Great Firewa

China, India border dispute threatens OBOR

The protracted border row between China and India could threaten Beijing's ambitious trade and infr

Order vs chaos

The 19th Party Congress is really the only thing that matters this year.

China's SOE overhaul approaches milestone

China is close to completing a long-targeted overhaul of operations at its state-owned enterprises,

Foxconn to open Wisconsin factory

Trump announced Wednesday that Foxconn plans a new factory in Wisconsin, fulfilling the Taiwanese m

US, China progress on UN N Korea sanctions

The United States and China are making progress on a new UN resolution that would impose additional

Chinese fighter buzzes US spy plane

US Navy reconnaissance plane was forced to take evasive action to avoid a possible mid-air collisio

China issues threats on India border dispute

China's military warned India it would defend its territory "at all costs" and planned to reinforce

China testing crime-predicting AI

China, a surveillance state where authorities have unchecked access to citizens' histories, is seek

Everything is coming up steel roses

With the 19th Party Congress galloping towards us, Those in Command are getting ever-busier making

US-China trade talks come up mostly empty

The US and China have ended two days of high-level economic talks with vows to co-operate on tackli

India says ready for border talks

India on Thursday said it was ready to hold talks with China about both sides pulling back their fo

US, China ramp up steel talks

China and the US ramped up talks on steel amid threats from President Donald Trump to impose new cu

China to stop accepting foreign garbage

China notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Tuesday that it would stop accepting shipments


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