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What's that glow?

What a wonderful word is "reciprocity." It seems to spring from a Walt Disney cartoon movie from th

China, Malaysia tighten relationship

China and Malaysia vowed to deepen cooperation on the disputed South China Sea on Tuesday as Malays

France, China to set up joint investment fund

China to invest $140bn by 2020 to relocate poor

China will invest 946.3 billion yuan ($140 billion) by 2020 to relocate its poorest citizens from r

Government to protect relocated farmers' land rights

Farmers can retain rights to their collectively owned land even when they choose to resettle in cit

Germany pushes for EU-wide rules to halt Chinese takeovers

The German government is seeking to increase its powers to block takeovers of German companies by C

EU holds up ChemChina's $43bn Syngenta deal

European Union antitrust regulators on Friday opened an in-depth investigation into state-owned Chi

Core issues

Well, that took a while, but finally, dear readers, the CCP has changed the phrasing of how its lea

Xi Jinping given 'core' leader title

China's Communist Party gave President Xi Jinping the title of "core" leader on Thursday, putting h

Seaside stories

Interesting developments, dear readers, around what is known in these parts as the South China Sea,

Philippines realigns with China in policy reversal

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his "separation" from the United States on Thursday,

Mulling Trump

The Trump train wreck dominated the week, dear readers, rather than China, with sex being at the he

China to relocate 100 million farmers

The Chinese government said it plans to relocate 100 million farmers, or about 12% of the rural pop

Property again

The most extraordinary China article of the past week, dear readers, has to be the CNN Interview wi

Beijing ends urban-rural hukou distinction

Beijing has ended the distinction between urban and rural residents in the city's household registr

UK approves Hinkley Point nuclear plant

The UK government on Thursday said it had approved the building of a controversial nuclear power st

Fresh air

G20 is over, dear readers, and the factories are back to pumping out gunk into the air.

G20 produces promises, but few concrete steps

Leaders from the world's top economies broadly agreed at the G20 summit in China to coordinate macr

Xi and world leaders on different page at G20

China's bid to show itself as a ­responsible and able global economic leader at the G20 summit has

US, China to ratify Paris climate accord

China and the US, the world's two largest carbon polluters, have both ratified the Paris climate ch

UK's May to review Hinkley security risks

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday she wanted her security advisers to help review a

G20 challenged to make effective economic plans

Determination to fix economic trends on growth, trade and investment - and sliding confidence about

G20 Blues

This has been the final week in the preparations for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, to be held on Sept

Dreams in the sun

The dog days of summer, dear readers.

China to relocate people out of central Beijing

Beijing is embarking on a radical plan to rein in its population by kicking people out of the city

China in high-tech agriculture push, backs GMO soybeans

China will push for the commercialization of genetically modified soybeans over the next five years

Jiangsu residents oppose nuclear waste plant

Thousands of people took to the streets of Lianyungang, a port city to the north of Shanghai in Jia

China downsizes Communist Youth League

China’s Communist party is downsizing its youth division, in a blow to a powerful bureaucratic fact

Quick Take: What Priority for the Economy?


One right, Two to go

In last week's Friday missive, dear readers, we predicted that the Shanghai stock market would fall


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