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China complains about overcapacity 'hype'

A war of words between China and the US over management of the Chinese economy escalated on Monday

Jockeys and Cushions

We have a couple of big dates coming up, dear readers, so make sure you're paying attention from ne

South China Sea dispute overshadows China-US annual economic dialogue

The fraught relationship between China and the United States will be put to another test soon when

China unveils ambitious soil cleanup plan


China supply-side reform debate intensifies

In an opinion piece in the official People’s Daily on Thursday, Renmin University professo

FT: Local government, banks collusion keeping firms afloat

A study of the private sector in Zhejiang conducted by FT Confidential Research, a unit of the

Chinese fertility clinics get two-child policy rush

Beijing’s decision to allow all married couples to have two children is driving a surge in demand f

EU warns China about new steel tariffs

The EU has warned China that it faces new anti-dumping tariffs on steel, amid growing pressure for

China's military budget growth slows with economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping said the nation’s military budget would not be able to maintain a “nor

China supports steel exports in face of US tariffs

China said it would persist with controversial tax rebates to steel exporters to support the sector

China April borrowing includes RMB 1tn in municipal notes

Global banks are redoing the math on the apparent slowdown in Chinese borrowing in April to include

China leads world in development finance


Xi Jinping again underscores supply side reform

President Xi Jinping has again sought to rally officials around his hallmark “supply-side reforms,”

Steel manufacturing cuts reverse on futures jump

A single mill in central China that can produce half as much steel annually as the UK has fired up

SCMP: Xi takes drivers seat amid economic policy debate

Last week, the People’s Daily carried a long question and answer “interview” with an unnam

China files WTO complaint on US tariffs

In another sign of escalating trade tensions between China and the United States, Beijing told the

Bloomberg: Poor April growth data underlines credit policy bind

China’s run of disappointing April data underscore the bind facing policy makers seeking to cut cap

Chocolate Freddys

Good grief, China is interesting.

European parliament votes against China's market economy status

European lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against the European Union recognizing China as a market ec

China-led AIIB set for first annual meeting in Beijing

The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank plans to hold its first annual meeting on June 2

China's Xi clarifies economic reform policy

An explanation of President Xi Jinping’s hallmark economic policy, in his own words, was ­published

China dumps trillions of RMB on distressed northeast

China is ploughing trillions of renminbi into projects in its northeastern rust belt in an effort t

China to relocate 2 mn people in fight against poverty

Reuters report

US challenges China over chicken tariffs

The Obama administration filed a trade complaint against China on Tuesday over access to the Asian

People's Daily: China heading for economic policy shift

People’s Daily article published yesterday showed that China’s leadership is trying to m

China ramps up lobbying for market economy status


Student's death causes trouble for Baidu

The death of a college student with cancer has drawn attention to Baidu Inc.’s advertising practice

Chinese government pressures economists to be positive

Securities regulators, media censors and other government officials have issued verbal warnings to

Chinese police to patrol in Rome

Chinese police are joining Italian officers on the streets of Rome and Milan in an experiment aimed

Property lease expiries prompt outcry, confusion

The simmering issue of property rights in China has burst into the open with the upcoming expiry of


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