China Industrial Zones Directory 2011 CD-ROM (CIZD)

China Industrial Zones and Company Directory CD-ROM
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China Industrial Zones Directory 2011 CD-ROM is the most comprehensive directory of listings for all of the top industrial zones in Mainland China. The directory contains details for 426 industrial zones. Every entry includes contact information such as English and Chinese names and addresses, phone/fax numbers and websites; details about each industrial zone including major industries, year of establishment, number of registered companies, land area, rental fees, a list of the key companies and more.

The 2011 Edition includes:

  • More than 400 industrial zones
  • More than 200 contacts
  • More than 290 email addresses
  • Fully bilingual data
  • 3 indices: rating, alphabetical, and by location


Valuable CD-ROM* features:


  • Print mail labels
  • Export Email: all email addresses can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, you can send your marketing information to all listed emails
  • Hyperlinks: Link via the Internet to the websites of listed industrial zones
  • Memo: Users can enter their own notes 
  • Locations
  • Industrial zone's names
  • Ratings: State-level, provincial-level, city-level and autonomous-region-level
  • Memo: Track your own records in the CD database


*CD-ROM only for Windows operating systems

Language: English - Chinese
Pub Date: January 2011

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