Competition Law and Competition Policy

China Competition Law and Policy
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This book by Xu Shiying provides a comprehensive update on the current position in Chinese competition law, which can be used as a text book for students taking graduate courses in competition law and also will be a well-written, well-structured and a stimulating read for scholars studying Chinese Anti-monopoly Law. Not only are new Chinese Anti-monopoly Law featured and explained, up–to-date discussions concerning controversial issues of anti-monopoly law in legal practice are also included.

Topics covered in this book include:

  1. The understanding of competition law from Chinese perspective
  2. Application of competition law to intellectual property rights
  3. The implementation of sustainable development to competitive rules
  4. Application of antimonopoly laws in natural monopoly fields
  5. Anti-monopoly regulation on trade association
  6. Anti-monopoly regulation in franchise
  7. Application of antimonopoly laws on market sales conducts
  8. WTO principles and construction on Chinese competition policy
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