The Pearl-River Delta Business Directory 2012 CD-ROM (PRDBD)

The Pearl-River Delta Business Directory 2012 CD-ROM (PRDBD)
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The Pearl-River Delta Business Directory (PRDBD) is the most comprehensive directory covering all top Chinese and Foreign companies with offices in the Pearl-River Delta region. Containing contact details for more than 4,500 offices, the PRDBD is the ideal tool for sourcing industry contacts, identifying key decision makers and building networks in the Pearl-River Delta business world.


Language: English - Chinese

 Pub Date: May 2012


The Pearl-River Delta Business Directory contains:

  • More than 3,219 companies 
  •  More than 4,375 offices 
  •  More than 4,017 contacts 
  •  More than 2,565 emails
  •  Listings for managers' names and telephone numbers 
  •  3 indices: alphabetical, by country, by industry

Entries include the following information:

  • Website addresses
  •  English and Chinese names and addresses 
  • Phone and fax numbers 
  • Emails addresses
  • Contact details for key individuals/executives

CD-ROM* powerful features:

  • Print mail labels
  • Export email addresses: All email addresses can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for future use
  • Follow hyperlinks: Link via the internet to the websites of listed companies
  • Create memos: Users can enter their own notes
  • Print full company information onto A4 paper


  • Industry - Search companies by 60 major industry categories
  • Company Name - Find the contact information for specific companies
  • Nationality - Search Pearl-River Delta companies by their HQ locations
  • Job Title - Find the key executives you are looking for
  • Memo - Track the record you entered in the CD database 

*CD-ROM is available only for Windows operating systems

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