Country Spotlight

Customer Service First

Barclays has been the pioneer in banking in the Seychelles for nearly six decades and has no intention of giving up its leadership role any time soon.

Serving the Sophisticated Chinese Tourists

The Seychelles, top among the world’s premier island vacation destinations, is redefining its tourism to cater to well-heeled Chinese tourists looking for a unique adventure in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The China Connection

The Seychelles is a reliable partner and a great jumping-off point for doing business in Africa, says Ms Veronique Laporte, the Seychelles Trading Company’s CEO.

Seychelles: Providing a Safe Haven

Seychelles’ top offshore finance company sees major opportunities in promoting the country as the best choice for high net-worth individuals around the world.

Building Seychelles Banking

Nouvobanq has a long and rich history in the Seychelles but the success story of this local bank is just beginning.

The Seychelles Wonder Kid

Precocious seven-year-old Gleb Zhuravlev was born in Russia, but he has lived in Seychelles since he was a baby. This curious and determined young boy is already fluent in Russian, English – and also Mandarin.

Exploring New Horizons

Al Salam Bank-Bahrain (ASBB) is looking to export its unique banking solutions into new markets by actively pursuing new business opportunities in the Indian Ocean Rim countries through a recently rebranded Al Salam Bank Seychelles (ASBS).

Facing the Financial Future

Seychelles can be an indispensable financial partner for China as its global business continues to expand.

Fully Committed to Communication

India’s Airtel has revolutionized communications in the Seychelles. It now plans to strengthen its positive impact in the island-nation, keeping the country on the digital cutting edge.

Seychelles - Striking the Equilibrium between Conservation and Development

Surrounded by the beautiful turquoise sea, Seychelles breath-taking islands are scattered in the heart of the Indian Ocean. “The Seychelles island… Another world”, a widely used motto, depicts the true notion of this small island state that is often referred to as the real Garden of Eden on earth.

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