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Dec 5 2013

The Chinese Dream: red capitalism, green cities, blue skies? 

The multi-coloured Chinese renaissance continues, but problems within the system are building. After a traumatic 2012, Xi Jinping has consolidated his power quickly and unveiled his vision of the Chinese Dream. But what exactly is it? How much will it be about realising the dreams of individuals and how much about a revitalised state?

Amid continued corruption and a slowing economy, China faces the need for a new model of domestic governance, as it also struggles to maintain stability in its foreign relations. As Mr Xi reveals his plans for the coming years, the world is watching to see whether he will start meaningful reforms in key areas: land, household registration, the financial sector, the one-child policy and the environment. How much would reform in these areas affect the business environment as China tries to move towards a more consumption-led economy?

China Summit 2013 will explore these questions and more. The Economist Events annually convenes the summit to survey China’s timely opportunities, pressing issues and perplexing macro developments across its economy, politics and society. As in The Economist newspaper, the summit explains linkages and how these affect participants with rigorous, global and forward-looking perspectives. China Summit is for business leaders, policymakers, academics and observers who wish to discuss, debate and learn.


John Micklethwait, Editor-in-chief, The Economist

Simon Cox, Asia Economics Editor, The Economist
Gady Epstein, China Correspondent, The Economist
Rob Gifford, China Editor, The Economist
James Miles, Beijing Bureau Chief, The Economist
Xu Sitao, Director, Global Forecasting, China, Economist Intelligence Unit
Vijay Vaitheeswaran, China Business and Finance Editor, Shanghai Bureau Chief, The Economist

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