Exploration Exchange China 2014

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Oct 24 2014 to Oct 25 2014

Exploration Exchange China focuses on financing mining projects. The aim is to make cooperation and trade the main facet in such projects. This applies to both China and international-based mining projects. The October 24-25, 2014 event's conferences, trade show, and project matching services will provide a high standard and efficient business platform for its 1000 delegates as well as its 100 exhibiting companies. These participants will gain access to more channels to finance mining projects by linking them to potential investors through its promotion of international mining and financing services.

Acting as a bridge between China's Government and mining companies, Exploration Exchange China has invited high-ranking officials, as well as representatives from major mining concerns, financing service providers, and consulting firms to the October 24-25th gathering. There they will give participants an overview of and clarify the current situation with regard to outbound mining investment, analyze the risks for Chinese investors in overseas projects, and dissect outbound investment trends. China Outbound Mining Corporate Social Responsibilities Guidelines will also be released at the conference.


Exploration Exchange China not only serves as an influential global platform involving both mineral consuming and mineral producing countries, but is also a vital conduit for transmitting vital information among them. Exploration Exchange China provides its clients with timely updates on important governmental mining policies, as well as a vital channel for exchanging different ideas, learning about investment opportunities, and communicating with key players in the mining industry.


China Ministry of Commerce


China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC)


China International Mining Cooperation Committee

Capital Exhibition and Conference Corporation



Opening and Keynote Session

Breakout Session of Mining Investment Stream

Breakout Session of Mining Rights Trading Stream

Guest of Honor Country Session

Trade Show

The Trade Show area consists of the Mining Rights Trading, Investment Service, and General Mining Service areas.

The Mining Rights Trading Area displays mining projects from mining and exploration companies for possible investment. The Investment Service Area exhibits services providers for mining financing and M&A services, such as financial institutions, investment banks and organizations, commodities future exchanges, and mining funds and securities. The General Mining Service Area is devoted to mining authorities and associations, along with evaluation and consulting and technology and equipment services providers. All the Trade Show Areas will promote integrated services for mining exploration, development investment and cooperation in the different categories.


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