IESE Event: How the Financial Crisis is Changing the Future of Capitalism

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Mar 13 2013

IESE Event in Shanghai, on Wednesday, March 13.

On this occasion, we will welcome Professor Jordi Canals, Dean of IESE Business School, who will be delivering a session entitled:

“How the Financial Crisis is Changing the Future of Capitalism”

During the 1990s and early 2000s, financial criteria dominated decision-making in Western companies. Corporate governance was also subject to that pressure, and financial regulators did not do a good job in monitoring financial risks. In this context, financial bubbles were inflated and, eventually, exploded. The crisis is almost over but its effects will remain. In this session, we will discuss how companies should balance financial risks with strategic decisions; how banks and capital markets need to change; how corporate governance needs to be improved; what role governments should have in this context;  how much good global companies –mostly German and Swiss companies- benefited from the crisis; what Asian companies can learn from the crisis and the way that companies have managed it.

Jordi Canals

Dean and Professor of Economics and General Management

IESE Business School


Jordi Canals' areas of expertise are corporate strategy, globalisation, corporate governance and financial services.

PhD in Economics (University of Barcelona), Best Dissertation Award, Fulbright Fellowship, Dr. Canals has served as Visiting Scholar at the International Monetary Fund, Visiting Scholar at the World Bank, Post
Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Business School and Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution. 

He is a board member of the European Corporate Governance Institute and EQUIS. He is a founding member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee, Europe’s leading independent oversight group on European banking and financial affairs. He was also a member of the Corporate Governance Commission, established by the Spanish Government in July 2002. He was a board member of GMAC and the European Institute in Advanced Students in Management.

He has published several books and dozens of papers on strategy, corporate governance, international management and banking. These include “Leadership development in a global world: The role of companies and business schools” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012), “The Future of leadership development” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2011), “Building respected companies” (Cambridge University Press, 2010), “In search for balance: Boards and CEOs” (Pearson, 2008), “Managing corporate growth” (Oxford University Press, 2000), “Universal banking: International comparisons and theoretical perspectives” (Oxford University Press, 1997), “La internacionalización de la empresa” (McGrawHill, 1994), and “Competitive strategies in European banking” (Oxford University Press, 1993).


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Session with Prof. Jordi Canals, Dean of IESE Business School

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