Offshore RMB Market 2012

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Sep 5 2012 to Sep 6 2012

2nd Annual Offshore RMB Market 2012

Developing offshore RMB products and strategies to maximise your long term benefits through RMB internationalization – regulatory updates, market trends and pioneer casestudies

5 & 6 September 2012

Hong Kong

Joanne Huang

The Offshore RMB Market 2012 Summit will gather Chinese and Hong Kong regulators, issuers, institutional investors, private, corporate and investment banks and asset managers to explore how they to develope offshore RMB products and strategies to maximise their  long term benefits  of RMB internationalization through regulation update, trend analysis and pioneer casestudy.

With the central government’s initiatives to promote RMB as the trade settlement and investment currency to the eventual use of RMB as the international reserve currency, the internationalisation of RMB is inevitable. With Hong Kong serving as the offshore RMB centre, the People’s Bank of China and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority work closely together to develop a series of government regulations aimed at enhancing the depth and breadth of RMB-denominated products and services in Hong Kong.

This, coupled with investors’ and issuers’ anticipation of RMB appreciation, has given rise to the rapid growth of the offshore RMB market. There are now rapid developments in the aspect of the use of RMB for trade settlement, issuance and investment in RMB bonds and other RMB-denominated financial products. Along with this rapid growth, the Chinese and Hong Kong regulators are constantly implementing new regulations to promote this growth and the market is eager to remain updated on the latest regulatory changes so as to remain at the forefront of this emerging market.

The conference therefore serves to update stakeholders of the developments in the Offshore RMB market and what impact will these developments have on stakeholders in the future.