Economics & Policy

Year of the Chinese dream

2013 in review

All China Economic Review wants for Christmas

Reform wish list

Plaudits in order as China slows economic growth

Growth vs reform

Running into rivals at top leadership events can be awkward

Central Economic Work Conference

Counting the problems with China’s master urbanization plan

Urban development

In the red: Shedding light on China's indebted cities

Regional officials did much soul searching in 2013 – and they found mounds of debt. Now the central government is...

Closing the wealth gap is a battle between China's cities

Series: In the red (part 4)

The state's benevolent monopoly is in retreat

Reforming SOEs

Beijing's luxury housing is priceless – literally

China housing market

China's making a list, checking it twice

Reform models

Edging local governments out of the land market

Series: In the red (part three)

Xi's got a plan, but now he must put it in place

Comprehensive reform

Can bond markets bail out China's local officials?

Series: In the red (part two)

The voice of vested interest heard loudest at the Third Plenum

Upending reform

Property prices rise fastest in China’s tier-one mid-market

The CER China National Housing Index rose 2.2% to 108.05 in October from a month earlier as demand...

China’s debt pile: Where did it all come from?

In the red

Plan 383 is a wish list, not a to-do list

Third Plenum

Rosy GDP data will only get China's premier halfway


China takes a flexible hand to real estate measures

Property controls

China feels some tremors from quantitative easing

Export data


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