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Against the grain

The global market needn’t fear China’s recent appetite for rice

What's law got to do with it?

Chinese won't learn much about their law from the long-delayed Bo Xilai trial

Picking up the tab

China's massive push for urbanization will land the country with an equally massive bill

Xi dreamed a dream

Visions of China's future glory are dreamed up on Communist Party pillows

The trillion-renminbi question

China’s leaders are laying the groundwork to enact difficult reforms

Not-so-guaranteed housing

Local governments could be getting rich at the expense of China's valuable urbanization plan

Quantifying the quake

Economists weigh in on the damage done by the Lushan earthquake

A failure to meet expectations

Disappointing first-quarter GDP figures point to a Chinese growth model growing ever less sustainable

Active retirement

Hu Jintao’s influence extends beyond retirement but his legacy remains out of his hands

Life of the Party

“China’s Superbank,” a new book by two Bloomberg reporters, provides an uncommon glimpse into the world’s most...

Beijing haze

China's fight against pollution will require more than tough talk

Selling the family farm

How much longer will China’s traditional farmer plow the fields?

Uncharted territory

The fallout from the cyber dispute is likely to be more damaging to Beijing than to the US

Off the grid

Why busting up the State Grid monopoly won’t purge energy sector ills

Mr Xi goes to Moscow

Despite historic agreements this weekend, Sino-Russian ties are shakier than they seem

For a limited time only

With worries over the Fukushima disaster subsiding, will China turn from wind and solar energy back to nuclear?

Everybody in

China's new leadership is stepping up to the plate on solving its urbanization problems


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