China Entrepreneurs Family Succession Convention

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Aug 1 2016


Jiangsu is one of China’s wealthiest provinces. Emerging private enterprises contributes to local economy, accounting for 51% of the total GDP of Jiangsu. With development of family business, Jiangsu entrepreneurs come to realize that succession is one of the key concerns they are facing. How to maintain sustainable development of family wealth and cultural heritage, and extend family reputation? It becomes the most concerned issues for first- and second-generation entrepreneurs.

Held on August 1st , 2016 in Nanjing, China Entrepreneur Family Succession Convention is organized by Jiangsu Association for Friendship and International Exchanges under Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress. This year we will bring together more than 100 HNW entrepreneurs and professionals from leading private banks, family offices and offshore financial institutions across China and APAC. The convention, a platform to network with officials, business leaders, HNW entrepreneurs and professionals, will discuss issues of family business development and innovation, outbound investment and assets allocation, as well as family business, wealth and heritage succession.

Key Issues:

> Asia-Pacific Macroeconomic Outlook

> Cultural Heritage and Development of Jiangsu Entrepreneurs

> Asset Allocation with RMB Internationalization

> How to maintain sustainable development of family wealth and heritage

> Equity management within family foundation

> Charity: network expansion and family reputation

> Family Business Innovation and Development

> How to Use Insurance as a Family Succession Tool

> Strategy of business globalization

> How to control risk while making profit

> How to globalize and diversify asset allocation

> Family Trust——the Protection and Succession of Family Trust

> Family Business Succession


Who Will Attend?

> Family Office

> Commercial Bank/Private Bank/Independent Pivate Bank

> Trust

> Independent / Third-Party Wealth Management Institution

> Island Offshore Finance Centre/Offshore Trust Institution

> Asset Management Agency

> Investment Bank / Bonds / Funds /Futures

> Fund Product Providers

> Insurance (Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Global Rescue)

> Private Equity

> IT Software Solutions

> Law Firm, Accounting Firm,Consulting Firm

> High-End Life Service + Luxury Brands

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