World wary

While Chinese remain more optimistic than most people around the world, opinions have soured toward other countries, says Bruce Stokes of Pew

Change while you’re ahead

Chinese companies have much to learn from successful UK businesses about strategic transformation, writes professor George Yip

Venturing capital

Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley discusses leading a delegation to lure Chinese investment to Chicago

Running on empty

IMF economist Papa N’Diaye discusses the massive demographic shift to come in China

Innovation now

Chinese companies are starting to crack the innovation code, write Huw Andrews and Stephen Kemper of PwC

The made-in-China fallacy

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese imports support US jobs, writes Terry Miller of the Heritage Foundation

This land is my land

Economist Yang Junfeng on land reform unlocking China’s economic potential

Q&A with Susan Shirk

The foreign policy expert discusses the rise of Chinese nationalism

Letter from Doha

Carnegie Endowment’s Kevin Jianjun Tu on stepping up China’s climate goals

Delay, distract and dominate

China is winning through intimidation, writes James McGregor

The meatball effect

Paul French takes on KFC meatballs, fine Chinese wine and Dr Dre

Out of service

Janet De Silva, dean of the Richard Ivey School of Business in Hong Kong, discusses China’s rapidly increasing need for talent in the service and management sectors

A view to the top

Much of what passes for analysis on China’s leadership transition is merely speculation, says Minxin Pei

Breaking out

Can institutions breathe new life into an outbound investment program scorned by individuals?

China buzz

The month in quotes

Money and drugs

L.E.K. Consulting on where the pharmaceutical industry should put its money

March of the penguin

Gabrielle Coyne of Penguin discusses China’s literary appetite

Putting down roots

Chinese students abroad weigh returning to the motherland