Markets & Finance

Rocking the boat


This antitrust probe might not be as painful as it sounds

Market roundup: August 8

Air controllers jam up China’s skies

Market roundup: July 25

Sharing a multibillion dollar headache isn't easy

Market roundup: July 18

Some things online are too good to be true

Market roundup: June 27

Money is all True Corp is going to get

Market roundup: June 13

Charting the next step in PBOC’s rapid reforms

Financial reform

Pipelines not so profitable for PetroChina

Market roundup: May 16

How WH Group made a pig’s breakfast of its IPO

Chinese listings

China takes a shortcut onto the global financial market

Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect

Careless talk could cost WeChat

China market roundup: September 27

Are Chinese companies sitting on the next debt crisis?

Corporate leveraging

Cybertrouble in the offing


The lure of retail


Chinese asset-backed securities rise from the ashes

Soaring complexity

China's new foreign exchange regime may bring volatility and value to its financial system

Currency cacophony

China's unregulated P2P lending sites are still spreading financial instability

Network effects

How the collapse of China's volatile stock market looked from the inside

Bourse biopsy

China’s retail investors don't care what you think about their stock market

Bullet-proof bourse?

New environmental law may herald dawn for corporate social responsibility in China

Sustainable finance

China's derivatives markets inch toward maturity

Hedged bets

How Russia's currency depreciation could impact the Chinese market

Ruble trouble

Trust products are turning China's world-famous savers into unwitting investors

Grab-bag finance

For China's top banks, a Tier 1 bond bonanza

Preferential shares

China’s red-hot property market gone cold

Market roundup: August 15

US blocks out the sun for Chinese solar panel makers

Market roundup: August 1

Great Wall Motor spinning wheels in the mud

Market roundup: July 11

What price will Gazprom pay for feeding China?

Market roundup: July 4

Drilling for oil in Iraq, Chinese majors discover trouble

Market roundup: June 20

Tesco venturing backwards

Market Roundup: June 6


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