Economics & Policy

Infographic series: China's underappreciated indicators

China by the numbers

For a better future urban environment China needs to break up its megacities

Livable cities

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Xilin Steel’s woes underscore the risks in state asset reform

SOE privatization

China’s economy still facing a downward path

Number crunching

How can China sell off its government-owned companies?

SOE reform

Chinese culture all but forgotten in the rush to urbanize


New Shanghai FTZ rules not exactly what you were waiting for

Free trade zone

PBOC must continue to push credit to farmers

Rural finance

China takes a flexible hand to real estate measures

Property controls

Likely winners and losers in rural land reform

China's countryside

Healthy PMI, not so healthy small and medium firms

China by the numbers

From imitator to innovator


Brighter days but how much clearer?


The pundits ponder the “New Normal”


Quick Take: ADB still has more muscle than the AIIB


China’s latest five-year plan could be its last

Adaptive anachronism

Hong Kong's future increasingly depends on the megacity across the border

Delta forces

Beijing is still loath to let go of China's increasingly vital services sector

Commanding heights

China's workforce faces tough year shifting gears from manufacturing to services

Anticipated delivery

Exclusive: Monthly data detail China's often soft-handed anti-corruption campaign

Power in a cage?

China's residential property glut is going nowhere fast

Long road ahead

China's Silk Road initiatives could shake up European port cities' status quo

Railways and sailways

Beijing’s policy flops don't spell doom for China’s real economy—just investor expectations

Perceived wisdom

Electricity use trends point to major gains in China's energy efficiency

Capping per capita

Infographic series: Rising seas lay siege to China's booming coastal cities


What China-Vietnam trade balance figures miss, misstate and mask

Scales askew

Beijing's latest round of SOE reforms on track to bolster China's corporate colossi

Ticket to ride

China's long-dormant geothermal energy sector may soon wake up

Subterranean powerhouse

How China's cities bar the door to a better education for migrant students

Pass/fail education (part 3)


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