The rise of the renminbi

Can China’s currency go global?

Offshore RMB markets

A boon for liberalization or financial chicanery?

Taking flight

China launches an airplane maker to battle Boeing and Airbus

Wild wild west

An architect and a journalist examine China’s new megacities

The year of tactical thinking

China's leadership transition carries both promising and unsettling prospects

Musical chairs

Likely picks for China's next leaders


Top stock picks for the year of the dragon

China and the US election

Speak loudly, but forget the stick

Maximum exposure

China’s stock market five years after the bubble burst

Eating bitter

No easy fix for China’s food quality problems

A welcome incursion

Conflicts are intensifying in the Asia-Pacific, but economic ties are far from unravelling

Trigger finger

Are investors right to dump Chinese bank stocks?

All the cash in China

Chinese investors weigh the risks and benefits of property, stocks, bonds and gold

A taste for luxury

China’s love of luxury goods continues to grow, but so do its shoppers’ standards

Research & duplication

The future of China's biotech industry

GM me

A hungry nation debates genetically modified food

Infant industry

China’s ethical debate over genetics differs wildly from the West

Heading south

China replaced Mexico in the last decade as the factory to the world. But that situation is reversing rapidly

Of Chinese bondage

Do municipal bond markets signify a step toward financial liberalization or a new way to put it off?

Ready for prime time?

China’s television industry is on the horizon of disruptive changes


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