Mao in sunglasses

The internet forces censors and media to evolve

Arctic inroads

Why Iceland killed a Chinese investor’s theme park dreams

Northern chill

China angles for a greater share of Arctic wealth

Year in review

China’s global connections and complications grew in 2012

Four more years

Are the US and China on a collision course in Asia?

Symbolism over substance

The Central Economic Work Conference revealed a new leadership not yet ready to stomach significant change

History lesson

China’s emerging luxury brands look to recover traditions lost in the communist revolution

Too much of a good thing

In a bid to create a solar energy empire, China has put its companies out of business

Friends with benefits

Kerry Brown on Australia as testing ground for Chinese investment

China powers the world

After decades of assembling dams and roads in the developing world, China sets its eyes on foreign nuclear projects...

No exit

As the IPO market dries up, how will China’s nascent private equity sector unload investments?

Uneven ground

China’s yawning income gap poses an unprecedented threat to new leadership

Urge to purge

Can China take the painful steps to stamp out corruption?

Same, same but different

Chinese react to the US election and US-China relations after Barack Obama’s win

Tempered by caution

Policy makers reacted to the deluge of upbeat economic data for October with caution. Investors should take note

The blame game

US politicians proved that China was an easy target during campaign season. Will China bashing continue?

To be or not to be

Benelux rescues its union from redundancy

Into the lowlands

Benelux’s bid to become a European hub for Chinese finance and trade

For love or money

In Chinese soccer, cash and optimism abound

Bet the spend

Investing in metals grows trickier in the post-boom era


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