Poor prospects

China’s slowdown plunges commodity markets into uncertainty

Divining the truth

Who should investors believe when betting on copper futures?

Tough on China

Obama and Romney are pledging to crack down on China’s purported economic crimes. Will that really benefit the US...

Going down together

A vicious cycle threatens small businesses and lenders on China’s golden coast

Turf versus trade

China and Japan can’t afford their territorial dispute

Knowledge exports

Research schools tap the global supply chain

Australia gets schooled

How can Australian universities win back Chinese students?

The bottom half of the sky

Why are so few Chinese women ascending to the top?

Living up to the big screen

Slick stylings aren’t enough to build a Chinese tinsel town

Hot or cold

A debate rages over whether a national property tax will mend China’s real estate woes

Risky business

Chinese gold miners may regret foreign acquisitions

Race to the bottom

China’s e-commerce companies wage a war of the balance sheet

False advertising

A fabricated price war has lasting effects on e-commerce

Secretary of stalemate

Clinton promotes gridlock in the South China Sea

The art of rebalancing

Chinese galleries are caught in a frenzy of cross-currents as the art market slows

Special relationship

The Sino-German friendship is losing its benefits

March on the Mittelstand

Chinese companies are buying German manufacturers. What exactly do they want?

The new jet set

The race to attract China’s outbound travelers

Appetite for destruction

Fishing is the most likely source of conflict in the South China Sea

China offers $2.2bn subsidy for energy efficient appliances

China will offer subsidies worth US$2.2 billion to buyers of energy-efficient electronics and appliances over the...


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