Stir it up

China’s mess of agencies and interests could unwittingly drag Beijing into conflict in the South China Sea

Fuel to the fire

China may be overstating the amount of oil and gas in the South China Sea to bolster its claims

China buzz

The month in quotes

The human factor

How severe is China’s unemployment problem?

Heavyweight in training

The uproar over Olympic doping allegations revealed a China that is still growing into its superpower status

Pedalling backwards

Are commodities to blame for Brazil’s “de-industralization”?

Spotlight on Brazil

China’s surging soy demand has created an unlikely alliance between Brazilian environmentalists and businesses

Question of the month

Will property developers sink under a wave of maturing debt?

Give it some gas

For state energy companies, importing natural gas means losing money – with no immediate end in sight

Decoding China, Inc

State-owned enterprises run the gamut of size and success

Swept under

How the resurgence of state-owned enterprises threatens China’s economy

Desperate times

Beijing loosens its grip on the yuan in a bid to bolster the economy

Water, water everywhere

Desalination is a promising technology, but no panacea for China’s water shortage

Rubber hits the road

Unlike other commodities, rubber could gain from China’s rebalancing

Shifting sands

The effects of China’s changing economy will spill over its border into Thailand


A long and winding road

China’s railway industry one year after the Wenzhou crash


Strong arm of the law

China’s commercial corruption laws are undermined by politically driven enforcement

Smoke screen

Smoke screen

New limitations on information make investing in China even trickier


Laying down the law

Western companies in China toe the line between corruption and compliance


White heat

Gome is making smart choices, but that may not be enough


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