The House View

Deal breaker

Did China overstep its bounds as an antitrust regulator in the massive Glencore-Xstrata mining deal?

No class

China’s near ban on class-action suits has hurt the environment and the securities market

How to stop a currency war

Good economic sense may not stop China from retaliating against Japan’s devaluation of the yen

Coming up short

Stock shorting is a vital tool in mature stock exchanges, but Chinese markets remain in their adolescence

Sore losers

A stingy telecom regulator will hurt Tencent and China's capacity to innovate

Belly up

Suntech’s bankruptcy should spark a broader loss of faith in US-listed Chinese companies

Cutting through the red tape

In streamlining its ministries, is China merely rearranging the deck chairs?

A cautionary tale

China is taking token actions to rein in runaway lending – but don’t expect that to save the economy

The next 6 billion square meters

When will housing become a middle-class good in China? 

Greasing the wheels

China needs to put its food safety administration in order or suffer the high costs of disease and dissatisfaction


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