The House View

Greasing the wheels

China needs to put its food safety administration in order or suffer the high costs of disease and dissatisfaction

Safety in numbers?

Economic and social ills lurk behind China’s strong GDP data

Death or taxes

Beijing’s toxic air is a reminder of the urgent need to reform Chinese resource prices

Not a bang, but a whimper

The state monopoly will prevent a shale gas revolution in China

Strangers at home

If China follows through on financial reform promises, it could beckon home companies delisted abroad

Offensive maneuvers

The US must fight a new type of trade war with China

Small price to pay

Deposit insurance would bring much needed transparency to Chinese banking

Brother frenemy

Unable to pull the strings of ASEAN’s next chairman, China must change strategy in the South China Sea

Initial public skepticism

The People’s Insurance IPO could bring an end to the deep freeze on new offerings

Defying gravity

Banks are disguising a worrying increase in bad debt


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