On and offline

On and offline


We've been thinking a lot about web access recently, ladies and gentlemen, and it's getting to the point that whenever access to a web page fails, we wonder if the blanket ban on accessing the Out-There Internet has been switched on. Then we re-boot, and it's okay. So far.

But is it true that life in China would not be worth living without a VPN? Now there is something to mull, but not only for people not born here. And that's why we are still tending to the view - famous last words alert! - that VPN vendors may be removed from app stores but the VPNs themselves will continue to work. More or less.

There would be a significant impact on foreign companies operating in China if there really was a concerted effort to block all VPN access to anything related to Google and Dropbox, for instance. It would wreak havoc with many people's lives in really fundamental ways. Granted, a really effective ban on Twitter might be a blessing if it extended to the White House. But the real issue here is how tens of millions of Chinese people who need or enjoy access to the Outside through VPN would react if it were cut off. Lawyers, academics, business people amongst them. Could that be a trigger to a concerted upsurge in... something? Could be.

We would talk about this more, but there is this video on Youtube that might not be accessible next week... Pleasant surfing over the weekend!