White heat

Gome is making smart choices, but that may not be enough

Two percent too far

Chalco’s stymied bid for a Mongolian miner holds lessons for both the company and investors

Thinking the thinkable

East Asian countries have various capacities for battling an economic slowdown, writes HSBC’s Frederic Neumann

Moving target

How should China stimulate its economy?

From the ground up

Can Canadian exporters convince the Chinese to build wood-frame houses?

Miracle grow

Timber exports to China are booming – but perhaps not for long

Grey-haired tsunami

Beijing prepares for a looming pension crisis

Buying the store

Why are Western hypermarkets failing in China?

Passing the buck

Wage pressures won’t derail Foxconn for long

Infant industry

Why Chinese car brands are stuck in first gear

Small town, PRC

Chinese auto makers are driving inland

Tooth and nail

Local governments and car makers battle consolidation

The waiting game

Can Greentown China evade bankruptcy?

The numbers game

Has China’s economy suddenly turned south?

Business of perfection

Despite a late start, China’s cosmetic surgery industry is booming

Strong signals

The return of China Mobile’s glory days

American wheels, Chinese roads

A review of Michael Dunne’s new book on General Motors

Plugging the leak

Sinopec at the mercy of oil markets

The China challenge

Why do mergers and acquisitions so often fail in China?

Well-oiled relationship

How China would contend with an Iran-sparked oil crisis

Crude awakening

The sands of economic diplomacy are shifting in the Middle East

All heat, no light

Tariffs hit the downtrodden solar sector

The next China?

Where will low-value manufacturing go next?

Days of yore

The US looks to recapture manufacturing jobs

The big squeeze

Will rising costs kill Chinese manufacturing?

Swiss sea change

How centuries of secrecy came undone in half a decade

Long arm of the law

Chinese law mergers have been a long time coming

The elephant next door

Healing the Sino-Indian relationship

Big business

Inside China’s water industrial complex

China or bust

Europe’s carbon restrictions and the blow to Airbus


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