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For a better future urban environment China needs to break up its megacities

Livable cities

Bitcoin goes plastic as HK exchange launches first debit card

Q&A: Financial innovation

The changing nature of China's global oil and gas deals

OP-ED: Energy quest

Xilin Steel’s woes underscore the risks in state asset reform

SOE privatization

Beijing will use BRICS bank to weave a web around Washington

OP-ED: China in the world

China’s economy still facing a downward path

Number crunching

Beijing should not overestimate Europe’s divisions

Q&A: Europe and China

Op-ed: China must regenerate its towns and cities


How can China sell off its government-owned companies?

SOE reform

Chinese culture all but forgotten in the rush to urbanize


Charting the next step in PBOC’s rapid reforms

Financial reform

New Shanghai FTZ rules not exactly what you were waiting for

Free trade zone

How WH Group made a pig’s breakfast of its IPO

Chinese listings

PBOC must continue to push credit to farmers

Rural finance

China takes a shortcut onto the global financial market

Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect

In high-speed rail, the world's loss is China's gain

Technology transfer

Can we just stop with the probes?

This atmosphere of suspicion is driving everyone mad

The uneven hand of Chinese law

Foreign automakers bear the brunt of regulatory probes

China Mobile cuts subsidies for handsets

China Mobile (CHL.NYSE, 0941.HKG) will cut its device subsidy budget for the year to RMB21 billion

More cities dropping GDP as performance metric

Chinese officials in more than 70 small cities and counties have dropped GDP as a performance metri

Chinese graduates prefer to work for SOEs and that could be bad for the economy

Youth employment

Alibaba, Alipay revamp profit agreement ahead of IPO

Alibaba Group and Small and Micro Financial Services, the parent of third-party payment provider Al

Growth in trust assets slows

Chinese trust companies' assets under management climbed 6.4% to RMB12.5 trillion (US$2 trillion) a

Shanghai-HK Connect sellers to face restrictions

Investors who want to sell Shanghai shares through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect will be required

Of course foreigners are welcome!

Chinese society is just like the Benetton Family

A stupid view of history

Why would anyone want to remove the China-Japan war from textbooks?

China tightens censorship on messaging apps

New rules issued by the Chinese government will allow only registered media outlets to disseminate

Environmental policy evolves, but wildlife still lack protection

Green China

China to punish Audi, Chrysler for antitrust behavior

China's anti-trust regulator said on Wednesday it would punish Audi and Chrysler after an investiga

Microsoft, Accenture offices raided in anti-trust probe

China's anti-trust regulator conducted new raids on Microsoft (MSFT.NASDAQ) and its partner in Chin


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