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Renminbi madness

Currency manipulation by China isn't illegal and an aggressive US response would only threaten what progress has been made, says CLSA's Andy Rothman

Seller beware

The Rio Tinto bribery case highlights the risks to foreigners of dealing with domestic buyer cartels, says Steven M. Dickinson

Is this their moment?

Service sector firms prepare for the make-or-break Expo; green tech rising; Subway engineers dig deep

Feeding the beast

Rapid house price growth can be sustained a bit longer, but not forever

Real estate regulation requires a steady hand

Beijing has been sensible in its selection of policies to cool the property market. A more comprehensive clampdown might do more harm than good

Holding up half the sky

Why do so many more women than men take the GMAT in China?

New financial products, same old transparency problems

Margin trading, short selling and index futures add depth to China’s capital markets, but effective regulation is required to win over investors

CIC 2.0: Good intentions, but difficult to implement

The new government agency likely to be tasked with SOE consolidation faces a long battle against unnecessary bureaucracy and resistance to change

Building a better mousetrap

Chinese and foreign universities are finding new ways to cooperate on MBA programs

Banning state firms won't fix China's property market

Beijing should devote more time on affordable housing and less on initiatives that will have a negligible effect on prices

Finding the stones

The Megatrends juggernaut arrives in China

Corn cups

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him in Sichuan province, near Dazhu town

Scientific development

China's private sector has emerged from the state-run shadow to become a leader in R&D, says Asia watcher Philip Bowring

Silver lining

China's senior market is largely ignored today, but it will be lucrative tomorrow, says JWT's North Asia CEO

Intelligent electricity

Bringing order to China's smart grid plans is a key challenge for the State Energy Committee, says Deloitte's Ken DeWoskin

Hardly a nickel-and-dime story

Villagers try to punt savings on nickel; saturation point for budget hotels; bubble-nomics

Politics before people

This year's National People's Congress was as removed from reality as usual

Data now for the future

GMAC's recent reports tell us interesting things about the PRC’s business degree seekers

Looking to America

Andrew Chen explains that it is not just price and profit that persuade Chinese investors to buy property overseas

Now is the time to crack down on offshore finance

Offshore financial centers must make amends for their role in the financial crisis, says Jeffrey Owens, OECD tax policy director

Chinese Democracy

Not just the name of a silly album, but blossoming on a Chinese b-school campus

The magnificent middle

Chinese companies' ideas about hierarchical leadership are obsolete. Middle management needs more cultivation

Guessing game

It would be easier to talk about business education if Beijing provided better data

Into Sichuan

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him at the eastern edge of Sichuan Province

Blind alleys

In trying to cover everything, Giles Chance succeeds in offering very little

Puppet show

Lending to order is China's most effective monetary policy tool, not that the authorities would ever admit it, says our Beijing-based China watcher

A civil action

Foreign firms beware: China's new Tort Law clears the path for individuals to defend their rights in court, says Harris & Moure's Steven M. Dickinson

Rude awakening

The dreams of foreign web companies are over; we are on the cusp of an all-Chinese internet, says our resident tech pundit

Old before their time

Weary white-collar workers; China rediscovers Sherlock Holmes; a benevolent tax man

It's the money, not the missiles

A cross-strait free trade pact is vital to the KMT's hopes of winning over a disenchanted populace


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