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Lessons from beyond the b-school walls

A rising Chinese business leader discovers unexpected value during two years of MBA study in the West

Don't get too carried away by China's trade figures

It is not a question of China "overtaking" Germany as the world's largest exporter - it is whose exports have fallen the least

Shanghai Automotive races ahead

How has SAIC managed to pull off a 900% rise in profits?

What next for Stern Hu and Rio Tinto?

The investigation into Stern Hu, the head of Rio Tinto's iron ore unit in China, will be finished by next Monday. But what next?

Shanghai turns its back on GDP statistics?

Shanghai has conveniently played down the importance of GDP growth, just as it falls below the national average

Who is bigger?

MALCOLM MOORE: Has China overtaken Japan to be the world's second-biggest economy or not?

What next for China's property market?

MALCOLM MOORE: The government has started to put the brakes on the property market, but how far will it go to burst the bubble?

Precise positioning

Kliff Zhang of Ipsos on how to leverage the Expo to promote brands

Seasonal spirits

Sobering times for drunk drivers; a 2010 wakeup call for luxury brands; premature Expo fatigue

You're welcome

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him in the eastern part of the Sichuan basin

New order

A stimulating yet ultimately flawed portrait of a China-dominated world

Liquid gold

Chinese firms are well positioned to become world leaders in coal-to-liquids technology, says Silver Rock's Robert Abbanat

Maximum exposure

The North Asia CEO of JWT outlines the three golden rules for marketing global brands in China

New image, new errors

Curbing foreign investment and circumventing international trade law will not end well for Beijing, says Harris & Moure's Steven M. Dickinson

The great divide

Beijing wants migrant workers to have access to urban social services. But will local governments comply?

Chinese accounting standards should apply across Hong Kong

MALCOLM MOORE: Hong Kong will allow Chinese companies to file reports using Chinese accounting standards. It wouldn't be a bad thing if Hong Kong companies used them too.

China Telecom has a storming 2009

MALCOLM MOORE: China Telecom added a staggering 30 million customers in 2009 and there's much to look forward to in 2010

Chinese shoe makers may have a loophole

MALCOLM MOORE: The new free trade zone between China and ASEAN could give Chinese shoemakers a way around the EU blockade

Leaks in the roof

Shanghai roofers and local university administrations could stand to learn lessons about operations management



Chinese banks are hiding their loans

MALCOLM MOORE: Mainland banks have succeeded in shifting two months worth of lending off their balance sheets

Shaolin's kung fu monks head for the market

MALCOLM MOORE: The Shaolin Temple is forming a joint venture to list in Hong Kong or Shanghai in 2011

Shanghai to overtake London within a decade?

MALCOLM MOORE: Another nonsense survey, this time from Eversheds, the law firm, says Shanghai will be more important than London by 2020.

Is Google China throwing in the towel?

MALCOLM MOORE: Google China appears to be scaling back after a calamitous 2009

Where are the firefighters?

JOHN D. VAN FLEET: B-school leaders are good at identifying problems – now they must get better at solving them

There's still 2 trillion yuan to spend

MALCOLM MOORE: Should the Chinese government spend or save the 2 trillion yuan it has left in the public coffers?

China announces first positive inflation figure since January

MALCOLM MOORE: Consumer price inflation rose by 0.6% in November, the first rise for nine months. But do we believe the figures?

China Unicom sells 100,000 iPhones

MALCOLM MOORE: Unicom has updated its sales figures, but only confirms that the iPhone is in the wrong hands in China

Five surprises for 2010

MALCOLM MOORE: In the wake of another dreary economic policy conference, Morgan Stanley has put together five possible surprises that would set hearts racing in 2010

The rise and rise of online shopping in China

MALCOLM MOORE: Online shopping is growing fast and has a very rosy future


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