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Gaming the system

China's most popular online game is the unfortunate scapegoat in a regulatory turf war, says our resident tech pundit

Skewed development

China's outbound investment must be rebalanced to support the government's enterprise reform plan, says Deloitte's Ken DeWoskin

Baseless fears

While others fret about China buying up the world, Beijing is quietly scaling back its activity, says Asia watcher Philip Bowring

Stupid hedgers

Jim Chanos thinks he can short China, but his thesis is based on deeply flawed research

Foreign state-owned companies not welcome in China. Unless they are Singaporean

MALCOLM MOORE: A new poll shows the resistance of the Chinese to foreign investment from state companies. Except Singaporeans.

Wanted: New shoes for the cobblers' kids

Foreign business schools face daunting challenges in developing China relevance

How does China's climate change offer add up?

MALCOLM MOORE: China's pledge to cut "carbon intensity" by 45% is nothing more than business-as-usual

How will Anthony Bolton fare in Hong Kong

MALCOLM MOORE: One of London's star fund managers moves to Hong Kong

Is garlic's success because of swine flu paranoia?

MALCOLM MOORE: The price of garlic is going through the roof because of its flu-fighting properties, but do buyers simply have too much money?

The US doesn't really want a stronger renminbi

MALCOLM MOORE: Strip away the emotion and it is clear the United States benefits from having a weak renminbi

Is Huang Guangyu's long shadow still hanging over Gome?

MALCOLM MOORE: Is there any reason why Gome is suffering while Suning prospers?

Microsoft must be jumping for joy

MALCOLM MOORE: Microsoft's loss in court is a blessing in disguise.

The state advances, the private sector retreats!

MALCOLM MOORE: The last few months has seen a marked advance by China's state-owned firms, whether in the coal or steel sectors or in infrastructure and manufacturing

Great China conspiracy is popped

MALCOLM MOORE: The discrepancy between China's rocketing car sales and its limp gasoline sales has developed into a classic conspiracy theory

Paradise hidden

JOHN D. VAN FLEET: Business schools in China suffer from a lack of recognition

Caijing turmoil casts Richard Li's plans into disarray

MALCOLM MOORE: How is all the fuss at Caijing, which has until now been China's premier business magazine, going to affect Richard Li's plans for an English news wire?

China's hidden liabilities

MALCOLM MOORE: The idea that China's economy is an increasingly vulnerable house of cards has reared its head again.

What's the real reason for nationalizing the coal mines?

The only province in China that registered a fall in economic growth in the first half of this year was Shanxi, whose GDP fell by 4.4pc compared to last year.

CNOOC dips its toes into the Gulf of Mexico

After all the years of bitterness and hurt, CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation) has returned to the United States.

Preconceptions misconceived

The truth behind slower retail sales; transparent bureaucracy; Shanghai's donut lovers

Cleanup time

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him near Fuping town in Chongqing Municipality

Glass half empty

The brewpub revolution goes flat; exports remain uncertain; Aspen is coming to China

Tobacco road

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him near Wuyiqiao Village in Chongqing Municipality

Peeling the layers

BOOK REVIEW: On the trail of Chinese investment in Africa

Honeymoon period

Japan's new government will reach out to China, but only so far, says Asia watcher Philip Bowring

The next big thing

A combination of stagnation in the West and policy reform in China is driving domestic private equity, says Silver Rock's Robert Abbanat

What bubble?

Observers are confusing the early stages of an asset price inflation cycle with a bubble, says CLSA's Andy Rothman

The politics of trade

America's decision to impose tariffs on imports of Chinese tires is a bad portent, but we aren't in a trade war yet

Repositioning retail

From shopping malls to smart casual, some in China's retail sector are seeing the merits of differentiation

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