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Chinese shoe makers may have a loophole

MALCOLM MOORE: The new free trade zone between China and ASEAN could give Chinese shoemakers a way around the EU blockade

Leaks in the roof

Shanghai roofers and local university administrations could stand to learn lessons about operations management



Chinese banks are hiding their loans

MALCOLM MOORE: Mainland banks have succeeded in shifting two months worth of lending off their balance sheets

Shaolin's kung fu monks head for the market

MALCOLM MOORE: The Shaolin Temple is forming a joint venture to list in Hong Kong or Shanghai in 2011

Shanghai to overtake London within a decade?

MALCOLM MOORE: Another nonsense survey, this time from Eversheds, the law firm, says Shanghai will be more important than London by 2020.

Is Google China throwing in the towel?

MALCOLM MOORE: Google China appears to be scaling back after a calamitous 2009

Where are the firefighters?

JOHN D. VAN FLEET: B-school leaders are good at identifying problems – now they must get better at solving them

There's still 2 trillion yuan to spend

MALCOLM MOORE: Should the Chinese government spend or save the 2 trillion yuan it has left in the public coffers?

China announces first positive inflation figure since January

MALCOLM MOORE: Consumer price inflation rose by 0.6% in November, the first rise for nine months. But do we believe the figures?

China Unicom sells 100,000 iPhones

MALCOLM MOORE: Unicom has updated its sales figures, but only confirms that the iPhone is in the wrong hands in China

Five surprises for 2010

MALCOLM MOORE: In the wake of another dreary economic policy conference, Morgan Stanley has put together five possible surprises that would set hearts racing in 2010

The rise and rise of online shopping in China

MALCOLM MOORE: Online shopping is growing fast and has a very rosy future

Don't invest in property

MALCOLM MOORE: When even Vanke, China's biggest property developer, is sounding a warning, it is time to run for the hills

The success of online gaming in China

MALCOLM MOORE: Online gaming has grown rapidly in China but can revenues nearly triple in the next three years?

If Chinese consumers aren't spending, why do they have unpaid credit card bills?

MALCOLM MOORE: Don't blame the Chinese consumers for not spending enough. They are madly buying up everything in sight on their credit cards. The problem is: there's too much to buy.

Rooms at the inn

Shanghai hotels need customers; retailers need to figure out who their customers are

Land of the pomelo

Graham Earnshaw walks west from Shanghai when he has the time, always starting from the last place he stopped. This month we find him near Liangping town in Chongqing Municipality

Lacking luxury

Luxury China doesn't have the flair for which its topic is known

Gaming the system

China's most popular online game is the unfortunate scapegoat in a regulatory turf war, says our resident tech pundit

Skewed development

China's outbound investment must be rebalanced to support the government's enterprise reform plan, says Deloitte's Ken DeWoskin

Baseless fears

While others fret about China buying up the world, Beijing is quietly scaling back its activity, says Asia watcher Philip Bowring

Stupid hedgers

Jim Chanos thinks he can short China, but his thesis is based on deeply flawed research

Foreign state-owned companies not welcome in China. Unless they are Singaporean

MALCOLM MOORE: A new poll shows the resistance of the Chinese to foreign investment from state companies. Except Singaporeans.

Wanted: New shoes for the cobblers' kids

Foreign business schools face daunting challenges in developing China relevance

How does China's climate change offer add up?

MALCOLM MOORE: China's pledge to cut "carbon intensity" by 45% is nothing more than business-as-usual

How will Anthony Bolton fare in Hong Kong

MALCOLM MOORE: One of London's star fund managers moves to Hong Kong

Is garlic's success because of swine flu paranoia?

MALCOLM MOORE: The price of garlic is going through the roof because of its flu-fighting properties, but do buyers simply have too much money?

The US doesn't really want a stronger renminbi

MALCOLM MOORE: Strip away the emotion and it is clear the United States benefits from having a weak renminbi

Is Huang Guangyu's long shadow still hanging over Gome?

MALCOLM MOORE: Is there any reason why Gome is suffering while Suning prospers?


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