This week in China

In haste...

Another amazing and action-packed week in the great drama to which we are all witnesses, dear frien

The Flow of Events

The news here in China, momentous and significant though it might be, boys and girls, just cannot c

The Monkey King Dilemma

Well here we are, dear readers, in the Trumpian Year of the Rooster.

Announcement stuns markets

So as predicted a few weeks ago by China Economic Review using complex data matrices re-we

Waiting for the X-Factor

There's lots of news out there, boys and girls, but as always, it's what we don't know that is prob

Trade Wars

Well, dear readers, we are now less than two weeks away from having someone surnamed Trump in the O

The Waiting Game

So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the fag end of 2016. And good riddance, many will say.

Black Swan Spotting

The news this week was not looking rosy from a Beijing perspective, and the sense that 2017 is goin

Clean money

Times are going to start getting tough in the world of money laundering, ladies and gentlemen.

Whither the rmb

The big issue of the week is the RMB, which is under huge pressure to fall towards and beyond 7 to

The Times are A'Changing

You have probably noticed this, too, dear readers, but the times appear to be changing.

The wait begins...

So Buddha either did not take note of our incensed plea, dear readers, or else other forces trumped

What's that glow?

What a wonderful word is "reciprocity." It seems to spring from a Walt Disney cartoon movie from th

Core issues

Well, that took a while, but finally, dear readers, the CCP has changed the phrasing of how its lea

Seaside stories

Interesting developments, dear readers, around what is known in these parts as the South China Sea,

Mulling Trump

The Trump train wreck dominated the week, dear readers, rather than China, with sex being at the he

Property again

The most extraordinary China article of the past week, dear readers, has to be the CNN Interview wi

Debt Frisson

The big question China so-called experts are all mulling these days, dear readers, seems to be debt

Fresh air

G20 is over, dear readers, and the factories are back to pumping out gunk into the air.

G20 Blues

This has been the final week in the preparations for the G20 summit in Hangzhou, to be held on Sept