This week in China

A New Era of Socialism

Well. it finally came, the 19th Party Congress, and it went just like everyone said it would.

Rolling into the Congress

This next week is going to be a big deal for politics in China, the sta

Half a Crown

More than sixty years ago and just four years after the communist takeo

When Interests Clash

The relationship between the Communist Party and China's big tech and Internet companies has always

Shifting sands

We try to avoid references to things happening beyond the wall surround

Miles To Go

Strange times as we slide towards the glorious 19th, and the drama gained a new American angle beyo


Quite a lot going on this week, boys and girls.

The Quagmire Awaits

Last week's review discussed Steve Bannon's comments on the US-China re

Loose Bannon

The top good news of the week is that we are not yet in the middle of a

Fire and Kimche

It's all about North Korea this week, boys and girls, and the key devel

On and offline

We've been thinking a lot about web access recently, ladies and gentlemen, and it's getting to the

Order vs chaos

The 19th Party Congress is really the only thing that matters this year.

Everything is coming up steel roses

With the 19th Party Congress galloping towards us, Those in Command are getting ever-busier making

Integrity and courage

Principles mean something, ladies and gentlemen.

End of the Bromance

I usually like portmanteau words a lot (or rather, I supportmanteau wor

Ups and downs

We have some news to report for the week that relates to the Middle Kingdom.

China Risk

The big news for the week is that MSCI finally caved to Beijing's incessant pressure - hey, who doe


As the debilitating drama proceeds in Washington, in China the International Monetary Fund announce


For every action there is a reaction.

Global leadership

The big news is yet again out of the United States.