Trouble in the Atlantic May Bring More Positive Changes to China


Trouble in the Atlantic May Bring More Positive Changes to China


The relationship between the European Union and the United States is currently more strained than usual. Analysts believe that President Trump’s visit to the NATO Summit made the situation worse. In a speech delivered in front of other NATO country leaders, President Trump spoke about the need for other NATO members to pay ‘their fair share’ of the costs.

The speech led to German Chancellor Angela Merkel releasing a statement that shocked everyone. The turmoil, however, is seen as an opportunity for China to further strengthen its economic and political reach.

A Strained Relationship

The relationship between the EU and the United States isstrained indeed. Merkel, in a speech delivered to her supporters, stated that the times when the EU and the US can work together side by side as true allies is, essentially, over.

While the statement didn’t refer to the United States and President Trump specifically, the timing of the statement is too obvious to miss. The speech was delivered at a beer hallas part of her campaign effort.

The combination of Trump’s demands during the NATO speech and Merkel’s reaction to them signals a clear shift in the foreign policy sphere. European countries can no longer fully rely on the United States to safeguard their secrets or provide them with necessary information and resources. The situation is even worse for the US since the shift also leavesthe country more exposed than ever.

Emerging China

China continues to dominate the region with its economic prowess. The market is growing at a rapid rate, increasing the demand for specialists and experts from other countries. In fact, companies based or operating in China have been recruiting more MS finance online degree holders in recent months, signaling a growing financial sector.

At the same time, expats and Chinese professionals are taking advantage of courses such as the online master of science in finance program from Northeastern University to pursue a higher degree in the field and meet market demands. Online courses from US universities are available to students worldwide. They don’t require physical attendance, making these programs perfect for students based in foreign countries.

We are also seeing an influx of foreigners moving to China as a response to economic growth. Top companies are beginning to take advantage of the growing opportunities as the Chinese market opens itself to the world.

A Shift of Balance

These may be small changes happening on the market, but they are small changes to pay close attention to nonetheless. The tiny shifts happening today are clear signals of a bigger shift in balance in the near future.

There is no doubt that China is taking advantage of the situation to its fullest. It will not be long before the country can fully rely on its market and financial sector. Soon, China will be the ally EU countries need moving forward. When that time comes, it is not difficult to imagine the US being more vulnerable than it already is.